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Oldsmar, Florida — Oldsmar is located on the north bank of Tampa Bay. Oldsmer is a quiet community loved by many like Ginger Tatarzevsky.

“I moved here because it reminds me of a very small town where I live in northern New York,” she said.

But now that the changes are in the air, she and others are worried.


Oldsmer City leaders are poised to transform downtown the city by attracting development on eight acres of city-owned land adjacent to Oldsmer City Hall. The city describes this place as a potential “catalyst” for downtown development.

Currently, according to the city, various things can be built on the land, such as “150 houses and a 6-story independent parking lot”.

However, the city amends the city’s comprehensive plan to develop if the developer “vertically integrated multipurpose development.” In other words, if the project also includes a combination of shops, restaurants, parking lots and public spaces. A person can build up to 65 apartment units per acre instead of the current capacity of 30 units per acre.

“We’re trying to build a labor home,” said Doug Bevis, a former Mayor of Allsmer, who describes this change as a win-win. “(Local businesses) have employees looking for a place to live near their office.”

However, over the past few weeks, bright red garden signs have emerged throughout the city as some residents, such as Dave McDonald, have organized against the proposed density bonus.

“It will have a serious impact on local traffic, hurricane evacuation routes will be affected,” he said.

McDonald’s also feels that the general public is not well informed throughout much of the process.

“It’s not a good government,” he said. “It’s actually a reckless government.”

On Tuesday night, he and others will hold a 7:00 pm hearing on this issue at the Oldsmer Council.

“In Tom Petty’s words, we won’t retreat,” McDonald said. “We will be in our position.”

But there are others out there who support the change. Some, like Michael Boylan, definitely feel that the potential for multipurpose development is positive.

“Hopefully it will bring that community around us: Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, Dunedin. As you know, our family goes to other cities for that atmosphere and who Will leave our communities and bring money to those communities, “he said. “My thing is to bring it to Allsmer.”

The city says it is currently in talks with potential real estate developers, but says that certain development proposals for the site need to go through a separate public approval process. According to the fact sheet on the city website, “Transportation, water, sewerage, school, environment” issues are studied in the process.

you can Read the ordinance here..

Oldsmar split on what could be included in possible downtown redevelopment Source link Oldsmar split on what could be included in possible downtown redevelopment

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