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Olive Crest helps families to stay strong during difficult times – Las Vegas, Nevada

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LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The COVID-19 pandemic is difficult for many, and children and teens are experiencing considerable difficulty.

From the stress of remote learning to missing out on good times with friends, the last 14 months have been tough for young people.

Olive Crest has helped children and their families during this difficult time. During the pandemic, domestic incidents have been on the rise. Secretary-General Jimmy Monaghan said the negative effects of this year’s quarantine could spread from one person to another in the family.

“Isolation is the number one cause of neglect, so if you’re isolated and you don’t have a sense of community, family, and help around you, you may go crazy, to say the least. I think everyone has experienced some of the negative effects of isolation. Without the right coping tools when the right support system isn’t in place, it can be quite negative, “says Monaghan.

Recent studies suggest that parents’ mental health problems may be directly related to future children’s mental health problems, according to Monaghan, so help as needed. It’s important to get.

“Mental health has historically had a bad stigma, but we actually say,’Hey, what do you know? I can’t do this myself.”

If a child is suspected of being abused, Monaghan tells him to look for signs of withdrawal from daily life. Also, children’s behavior often changes dramatically.

Monaghan says Olive Crest’s goal is to stop child abuse before it begins. The organization has programs to help families learn how to function in good health. You can learn more about their program here:

How to Get Help If You Become a Victim of Domestic Violence:

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