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By the time Olivia Gant died at the age of seven, she had spent nearly three-quarters of her life shuffling inside and outside the hospital to treat many of her mother’s illnesses.

Her mother, Kelly Turner, was accused of a single murder after a doctor claimed to remove nutrition from Olivia and send her to die in hospice. Police now claim that Turner has exaggerated or forged Olivia’s illness and that the girl was not terminally ill.

The alleged abuse was revealed more than a year after Olivia’s death when a new doctor discovered that Turner lied when she said her sister had been treated for lymphoma. The Denver Post has not nominated Olivia’s sister because she is a minor.

The timeline for this event, years before Olivia’s death, is based on criminal accusations against Turner, Olivia’s medical records, and Turner’s blog.

August 2011: Kelly Turner begins blogging about the alleged medical needs of Olivia and her middle daughter. Many of the diagnoses she lists will later become apparently incorrect.

year 2012: Olivia is first seen in Colorado Children’s Hospital due to feeding difficulties. Turner reports a history of seizures and other health problems.

July 2014: The neurologist should determine that Olivia has no seizures and stop taking medication for it. She continues to take antiepileptic drugs until just before her death.

September 2014: Olivia was hospitalized for the third time due to constipation.

November 2014: Olivia undergoes an ileal fistula, which punctures the abdomen and drains excrement directly from the small intestine into the bag. Her constipation improves, but Turner reports she doesn’t eat and a feeding tube is inserted through her nose.

January 2015: A more permanent feeding tube is inserted through Olivia’s abdomen and replaces a temporary tube in her nose. Shortly thereafter, another type of tube is surgically placed.

June 2015: Olivia has another surgery to place a tube to feed through the veins. This is a process called complete parenteral nutrition (TPN). She receives feeding therapy at the hospital to improve her ability to eat regular foods.

July 2015: Turner first posted online that Olivia has terminal illness. Her medical records do not show such an illness.

2016: Olivia is increasing the dose of painkillers. Turner falsely reports that Olivia’s sister had lymphoma when she lived in Texas.

February 2017: Olivia is hosting a “Bat Princess” Make A Wish Party. She later boarded with the Denver police and participated in other events reported by the local media, including the post.

Courtesy of the Gantt family

Olivia Gantt, 7, in the middle, was filmed at the Make A Wish Party in February 2017, months before her death.

March 1, 2017: Olivia undergoes her final surgery. A tube is transplanted into the bladder and drained from the abdomen.

March 24, 2017: Turner demands that Olivia not be resuscitated if her heart stops due to the large amount of opioids she is receiving, or if she is given naloxone if she stops breathing.

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