Olivia Jade Jeannuri says her college admission scandal made her aware that she was “a child of a white privileged poster.”

Olivia Jade Jeannuri agrees that her family has been “confused” by paying a bribe to enroll her in college as part of an admission scandal that took place last year.

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli’s 21-year-old daughter is currently in prison for a role in a scandal involving dozens of wealthy parents, whom investigators have dubbed “Operation Varsity Bruce.” As I was spending time, I faced tough questions from Jada Pinkett Smith and co-organizers such as Pinkett Smith’s mother, Adrian Banfield Norris, and daughter Willow Smith at Facebook Watch’s “Red Table Talk” on Tuesday.

However, Olivia Jade managed to beat them in a 20-minute interview posted on Facebook FB.
By admitting that he had his own ignorance of his privileges and at first had no idea why his family was in trouble.

“I’m not trying to sacrifice myself. I don’t want to sympathize — I don’t deserve sympathy. We’ve been messed up,” said Olivia Jade. “I just want a second chance.” I know it’s been messed up “,” I’m really sorry this happened “,” I really know this was a big mess “, but some of you guys I think everyone in my family now feels that way. “

Lori Loughlin, well known as “Full House” aunt Becky, and her fashion designer husband Jeannuri bribe $ 500,000 to take Olivia and her sister Isabella Rose to the University of Southern California. I pleaded guilty to paying. Loughlin is sentenced to two months and Giannulli is sentenced to five months.

And Olivia Jade soon became a child of the scandal poster. Not only because the fame of her parents especially spotlighted their case, but also because Olivia Jade was YouTube GOOG.
Star and beauty influencer. In addition, after being accepted by USC in 2018, she posted a video saying, “I want a game-day experience, a party … as you all know, the school doesn’t really care.” ..

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The clip came back to annoy her, and also killed her business partnership between Sephora and TRESemmé.

“It sits with me and makes me sick, and it’s embarrassing that I said those types-and not only said it, but edited it, uploaded it, and it I saw a response to realize that was wrong, “she said Tuesday. “There was no malice behind it. I never tried to hurt anyone or say them to brag about my life. I didn’t notice. I didn’t notice. Sit here now and say, “Why don’t you do that? It’s embarrassing that it flew over you.”

“It’s embarrassing in itself. I’ve been unnoticed walking around my 20-year life.” You have insane privileges. You are like a white privileged poster child. I did not understand”

Olivia Jade revealed that she had withdrawn from USC because she was too embarrassed to return. “It was clear that I shouldn’t have been there in the first place, so it didn’t make sense to go back,” she said.

She currently lives with her sister and is introspecting. She said her overall spirit changed when she recently volunteered with a young student at risk in Los Angeles. She said she hadn’t talked to her parents lately, but she thinks prison time will be a “blessing in the end” because her parents have time to look back on their mistakes.

With over 15,000 responses on Facebook and 4,500 comments by Tuesday afternoon, some viewers struggled to feel a lot of sympathy for young women and their families, and they landed well. I said it would be. Indeed, Pinket Smith had a lively discussion with his mother during the first 10 minutes of the episode, arguing whether it would be a good idea to have Olivia Jade appear on the show. And this also led the interview to the trend on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon.

Olivia Jade said she had mixed emotions. “I want to move forward. I fully understand if people aren’t ready to jump in with me, but I’m here because I want to leave it on the table. I’m here I don’t want to keep dragging for the rest of my life, “she said.

“I and my family needed a crazy experience to make it happen, but I’m glad we know that it never happens. [again], “She said,” When I have children, it never happens. I hope people can see it. “

See the entire interview here.

Olivia Jade Jeannuri says her college admission scandal made her aware that she was “a child of a white privileged poster.”

Source link Olivia Jade Jeannuri says her college admission scandal made her aware that she was “a child of a white privileged poster.”

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