Olivia Rodrigo plays “Good for You” and breaks the camera

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It ’s cruel here, Olivia Rodrigo MTV managed to surprise the audience in 2021 Video Music Awards..

NS High School Musical: Musical: Series The 18-year-old actress went on stage at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and immediately performed “Good 4 U.” Justin Bieber I held a show. The audience was heard singing together at the arena in New York.

Rodrigo stepped onto the stage on a cloud of balloons in a blue and purple dress with purple elbow-length gloves and a butterfly clip, evoking the aesthetics of a vintage prom similar to her. Sour prom Concert special.

Rodrigo wasn’t there just to play a hit. She was ranked in five categories at VMA: Artist of the Year, Song of the Year (“Driver’s License”), Best New Artist, Best Pop Video (“Good 4 U”), and Push Performance of the Year. She won the latter before the award show aired on MTV, and another month’s character at the Song of the Year shortly after the performance.

VMA2021 Good for you!Olivia Rodrigo breaks camera during first VMA performance

A screen broken by Olivia Rodrigo. MTV

“First of all, I would like to thank all the fans. This is amazing. This year was the most magical year of my life,” she said. “I would like to dedicate this award to all the other girls writing songs on the bedroom floor. There are many people who try to darken your light, but speak your heart and your heart Is the most powerful thing in the world. “

California’s native species have entered a year of whirlwind.Her single “Driver’s License” aired in January and her full album sour, Released in May. Her first single was an instant hit and made her debut at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. The April follow-up “Déjà Vu” hit the charts at No. 8 and Rodrigo made his debut as the first artist in Hot 100 history. The first two singles in the top 10.

Initially, the “driver’s license” was making noise to the fans About the rumored love triangle..Rodrigo is said to have dated her Disney + co-star Joshua Bassett Someone who believes the fans have added it at a later date Sabrina Carpenter..

“I fully understand people’s curiosity about the content and details of the song, but for me it’s the least important part of the song,” Rodrigo said. Billboard About who influenced her hit single in January 2021. “I’m resonating with people because of how emotional it is. I don’t think everything else is important.”

The romantic drama took the backseat in a legal entanglement.Rodrigo stands out by earning more songwriter credits after its release. sour..

In August, the singer gave a Paramore singer Hayley Williams And a former guitarist Josh Farro After months of fans comparing the track to the 2007 “Misery Business,” they wrote credits for “Good 4 U,” triggering a similar TikTok trend. Taylor SwiftRodrigo’s hero, who interpolated Swift’s “New Year’s Day,” was rated “one step forward, three steps backward” at the time of release. However, the 30-year-old veteran entertainer was added as a writer for the newcomer “Déjà Vu”, influenced by Swift’s 2019 song “Cruel Summer”.

The recent additions question Rodrigo’s originality, Elvis Costello After fans pointed out that the guitar riff of “Brutal” resembled his 1978 song “Pump It Up”, he gave Bizaardvark’s Alum a stamp of approval.

“This is fine for me,” Costello, 67, Tweet in June.. “That’s how rock and roll works. You take another piece of thrill and make a brand new toy. That’s what I did.”

Maroon 5 singer Adam levine Recently, I came to defend Rodrigo, sharing Costello’s stance.

“All this call and s—-t, it’s as if the music is creative and I hate to see it crushed … when you take someone who is a new artist She’s trying to emulate the deleted generation, I don’t know how bad it is, “42-year-old Levine told his Instagram story in late August. “I think it’s kind of cool to introduce different musical ideas to the whole younger generation … that’s my opinion.”

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Olivia Rodrigo plays “Good for You” and breaks the camera

Source link Olivia Rodrigo plays “Good for You” and breaks the camera

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