Olympics inspiring young Kansans to stretch their sports dreams – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2021-07-29 23:44:44 –

Wichita, Kansas (KSNW) – As athletes aim for gold on the world stage, Kansas is expanding its sporting dreams.

“It’s rejuvenating. Emily McBay, Program Director at Wichita Swim School, said:

According to McBay, every four years of the Olympic Games, beginners and veterans of swimming are motivated to dive.

“It really only gives us a boost and an exciting push why we do this every day,” McBay said. “Training, sometimes monotonous, but what goes into it and what happens when it comes to competition?”

The club has a history of helping to shape Olympic athletes.

“I have three little kids at home. They’re just participating in the sport and not putting pressure on him, but they’re just around the sport with their kids here.” , Said Caroline Bruce McAndrew, a 2004 Olympic swimmer. “This place is full of memories.”

An Olympic athlete who inspires people both on the pool and on the floor.

“I mean she’s only four years old and has already influenced her,” said Megan Chambers, whose four-year-old daughter Mia is doing gymnastics. Mia is a member of the local YMCA tumbling program.

“She is fascinated by everything she can do, so she says you know that I want to do it. So we keep doing gymnastics and everything He said he knew he would keep doing, “Chambers said.

YMCA says the Olympics will always boost their programs.

Shane Roy, Vice President of Operations at Greater Wichita YMCA, said: .. “And it really excites the kids they want to come and try the sport.”

Neither Wichita Swim Club nor YMCA wants finances to prevent families from registering. They have scholarships available for families in need.

Click here for more information on the Greater Wichita YMCA. here Click on Wichita Swim Club here..

Olympics inspiring young Kansans to stretch their sports dreams Source link Olympics inspiring young Kansans to stretch their sports dreams

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