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Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) —Every year, Omaha celebrates Mexico’s heritage at the Cinco de Mayo Parade. This year, the event was postponed to June due to a coronavirus pandemic.

On Saturday, the community finally gathered to see their culture on display on South 24th Avenue.

“We enjoy being with our culture and people and especially want to help now after the pandemic,” said Alma, a participant in the parade.

The group walked through the streets of South Omaha, dancing, singing, playing music, and celebrating the holidays a month later than usual. Mexican traditions were on display, from vibrant clothing to lowriders to horses.

“I’m very happy to be Mexican. I’m here to support the event. Why don’t you come here because I’m not in Mexico?” Participants in the parade Guadeloupe said. “It feels so good and I needed it. I was very sad to be at home. It’s great to be here. I’m having fun. I dressed up. We were happy and came here to support us. “”

Event organizers say they are happy to finally be able to host the annual parade as the ongoing pandemic pushed it back.

“There are a lot of people in our community with talents in music and dance, and I’m really happy to have the opportunity to showcase all the work they’ve put into that talent throughout the city,” Anadelia said.・ Morgan said. Event manager.

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This year is the 100th anniversary of these celebrations.

“Initially, these festivals began in the 1920s. After the revolution, Mexican consulates across the United States were aware of the existence of the diaspora and wanted to promote culture within these small growing communities. This is the result of the time and here we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of these celebrations, but the beauty of this is that all Latin Americans who are proud of us being Americans. Has evolved into a celebration of the city, “said Anna Hernandez, president of Cinco de Mayo Omaha.

Omaha celebrates Cinco De Mayo with annual parade Source link Omaha celebrates Cinco De Mayo with annual parade

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