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Omaha, Nebraska 2022-08-03 19:57:58 –

OMAHA, Nebraska (KMTV) — At the Salem Baptist Church, 500 filled backpacks are waiting to be given away for free to those in need.

This is part of the church’s back-to-school giveaway scheduled for this weekend. Senior Pastor Selwyn Backus said it would be a great help, especially for families in need right now.

“We know how difficult it can be for families at this time of year, especially in the climate we live in,” Backus said.

High inflation is affecting everyone, including organizations trying to soften the blow to families in need. Bachus said his church is providing more backpacks to communities. but it will cost you.

“We gave away 200 more[backpacks]this year than last year, so we had to dig deep and make sacrifices.”

For OPS teacher Kyle Frances-Thomas, it’s worth the sacrifice and said it’s important for children to start the school year properly, regardless of their financial situation.

“I want to make sure my kids are ready,” said Frances Thomas. “I don’t want them to come to school feeling like something’s missing or nervous.”

Bachus agreed, saying he wanted to help his community no matter how much it affected the church.

“We’re figuring out what we can do within our budget to do this kind of work,” says Bachus.

Salem Baptist Church will be handing out 500 bookbags this Saturday at 10am on 31st and Lake Street. This event will continue until the supply runs out.

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