Omaha councilwoman suggests phasing out mask mandate for children – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska 2021-02-22 23:08:37 –

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — Maskman dates in Omaha have been extended several times over the past year, and many are wondering when the man dates will end. A city council member proposed a system to phase out mandate in the coming months.

Omaha will hold a Maskman date until May 25th. On May 25, the city council will reconsider whether mandates are still needed.

“Are we going to extend it, are we going to complete it, are we going to get rid of it?” Said Colleen Brennan, councilor on behalf of District 5. Its. “

Brennan is one of many members of the city council and feels it’s time to discuss when and how to abolish his mission.

She proposed a plan to eliminate mask requirements in four phases, based on grade rather than age.

Phase one: February 23-March 9-Maskman dates for children, kindergartens, and younger children will be abolished.

Phase 2: From March 9th to March 23rd, Maskman Date will be abolished for children under 5th grade.

Phase 3: From March 23rd to April 6th, Maskman Dates for children under 8th grade will be abolished.

Phase 4: After April 6th-Maskman Date will be abolished for children under 12th grade.

Brennan says he starts with a child, Those who have been shown to be less likely to catch and spread the virus, You can help the council make informed decisions in May.

Only a few weeks ago, Brennan voted against Amendment of mandate that would have raised the age requirement from 5 to 12 years. She says she wants to get more information before approving the change.

“Frankly, I just didn’t have time to do enough research. That was given to me. It was too early. It was too fast.”

She says the plan is still in its infancy and would like to discuss more with other council members, the mayor, and her members before deciding whether to propose a resolution to the city council.

“I think we’re all burned out.” Brennan said, “We’re exhausted. We have to find a way to get back to normal and rebalance our lives.”

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Omaha councilwoman suggests phasing out mask mandate for children Source link Omaha councilwoman suggests phasing out mask mandate for children

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