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Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — The birth of a baby is often one of the most enjoyable opportunities for a family. Unfortunately, sometimes the family does not take the baby home. Some families have recently experienced that loss, and they now want to help other families in similar situations.

Jen Schellen and Rodney Bender were excited to join their mixed family, but in March Jen Methodist Women’s Hospital Complications occur at 22 weeks gestation. The situation quickly became serious and Jen showed signs of a serious bacterial infection.

“Dr. Jacoby had to look at me, make me a reality, hear if we didn’t do this, do what’s needed here, and say you’d go home alone “Rodney explained.

Baby Charlie was born in the middle of the night. Her heart rate is 1 hour and 50 minutes.

It was all hands-on deck for the staff. They worked to take care of Jen, allowing him and Rodney to witness the time he was with Charlie.

Nurse Jasie Morrison came into the room for help.

“My mother is both a female nurse and a delivery nurse. How important it is for her to have these parents raise a baby for a long time because this is their shot and the chance to do so. I’ve been talking about it, “said Jasie.

When a colleague filled out the form, Jasie called the minister so that Charlie could be baptized. And Jace picked up the camera.

“I have one photo of Rodney. I’ve never seen such a sad person holding Charlie, but it’s real and raw, and that’s our feeling, so it’s a photo I cherish. “Jen said.

Jayse recently took an online class through a group Now i put me to sleep.. The organization helps provide end-of-life photos to help the family heal after the baby’s death.

The compassion of the Methodist staff influenced Jen and Rodney, who wanted to help others experience similar sorrows.

“That’s what came to our mind. What can we do to give back,” Rodney said.

They donated to Methodist Hospital Foundation To provide a USB drive and memory box for other families who can’t take their baby home.

“I wanted Charlie to have a purpose,” Jen said.

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Omaha family touched by care received during loss of infant Source link Omaha family touched by care received during loss of infant

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