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New York, December 4 (Xinhua)-The new Omicron variant of COVID-19 has been confirmed by more than 12 Americans in at least 10 US states as of this weekend and has a national presence as a federal government. Early evidence of. The government is fighting a pandemic in a consistent vaccination campaign that includes widespread use of vaccines.

Some of the Americans who signed up for the new variant recently traveled to southern Africa, where it was first identified, but at least two states reported the expansion of the community for the new variant. The states reporting cases of Omicron are spread throughout the country, from Hawaii to California and New York.

“It’s certainly spreading in the United States,” said Samuel Sculpino, managing director of pathogen surveillance at the Rockefeller Foundation, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. Illness from Omicron.

The Washington Post said in an analysis on Saturday that one in 420 Americans died from COVID-19 and the country still averages more than 1,000 deaths per day, with the highest mortality rate vaccination. He said it was well below the national average of the countries in which it was vaccinated. Often in urban areas.

“The most vaccinated states are significantly, arguably better, and better than the unvaccinated states, but there are even greater differences at the county and city levels. These highly vaccinated states. Many of the counties that were inoculated happen to be the most densely populated. “

On the other hand, much more about the resulting yucking gap between the less vaccinated and the more vaccinated areas, especially as the deaths in the less vaccinated red states far outweigh the more vaccinated blue states. Is written. He added that the death toll in the red county was more than 50 percent higher than in the blue county.Challenges, uncertainty

Researchers around the world are still stitching together data, early anecdotal evidence, and existing COVID-19 knowledge to better understand the new mutant Omicron variant of coronavirus. “Within less than two weeks of global effort, these clues give experts a glimpse of the subspecies threat,” USA Today reported Saturday.

So far, there is consensus that vaccines are likely to continue to protect against serious illness, but even in people who are completely vaccinated or who have been previously infected, this variant is very likely. You can see that it is highly infectious. According to the report, the variant has now exploded in South Africa and has spread to dozens of countries.

Coupled with reports of superspreading events, the rapid increase in cases in South Africa helped to validate the early concerns of experts who would help many mutations in the mutant spread rapidly. Roger Shapiro, a professor of immunology at Harvard Medical School, said:

The surge in COVID-19 cases and the shortage of health care workers have filled hospitals and elderly housing beyond the capacity of northern New York, even before it was known that Omicron variants would spread to the region. , There is a serious crisis in the medical system. According to hospital executives from Buffalo to Albany.

Hospitalizations for COVID-19 in the region have more than tripled since August when the delta wave began to hit the state, but tens of thousands of health care workers, from pandemic burnout to refusal to vaccinate. Has quit his job. The New York Times reported on Friday.

“As a result, the capacity of state hospitals has decreased by about 10%, and the worst situation of having large numbers of patients, reduced staff, and the inability to discharge patients to full nursing homes has overwhelmed some facilities. “I’m starting to do it,” a hospital executive told the newspaper.

Due to health concerns, Google has postponed its return to the office again, this time pushing for a full resumption on January 10th in 2022. Unlike previous announcements, the company hasn’t set a new return date, and the New Year to assess when US offices can fully reopen-about 40% of Google employees in the US report on-site in the last few weeks. bottom.

Denis Nash, a professor of epidemiology at City University of New York, told CNBC that Google is “wisely moving” by not setting a new return date, and it’s time to rethink the situation for employees. He added that giving a framework maximizes flexibility. During the “crisis that often demands it from us,” it could be seen as a positive move by employees.

Bradford S. Bell, a professor of strategic talent at Cornell University, said that uncertainties about the risks of Omicron’s variant “employers can set a new return date with any kind of confidence. It could be “impossible”, CNBC said. Especially in areas where remote work is possible, more companies may follow Google’s move.

Omicron found in more U.S. states, adds new uncertainties Source link Omicron found in more U.S. states, adds new uncertainties

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