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Brussels (AP) — The omicron variant of the coronavirus kept the unstable world off-quilter on Wednesday as reports of infections associated with the mutant strain occurred in more parts of the world. “Eternity.”

At the same time, the predominant delta variant continued to destabilize countries dealing with infectious diseases and surges in hospitalization, especially in Europe, and those considering compulsory vaccination.

Much is still unknown about Omicron, such as its infectivity and whether vaccines can be avoided. But nevertheless, the government is rushing to impose the restrictions it wanted to stop — the move is increasingly wasteful as Wednesday brought about the first known incidents in West Africa and the Gulf region. It looked like. Showing an increasingly complex network of transmissions, Japan reported the Omicron case of a man from Peru via Qatar.

“Scientists say the amount of mutation is worrisome to us,” said EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who is completely about what Omicron can bring to the world. He said it would take “a couple of weeks” to be revealed.

“This is usually a short period of time. In the pandemic era, it’s eternal,” she said.

Concerns and uncertainties about new variants, and sometimes unplanned enforcement of restrictions, reminded us of the early days of the pandemic, as well as the familiar perception that the virus once again outweighed its efforts to contain it.

South African researchers warned the World Health Organization about Omicron last week, and while it is clear that it was prevalent in Europe before the warning, it is unknown where and when the variant first appeared. Nigeria initially extended its timeline by saying that variants were found in samples collected in October, but then said that cases were detected in travelers arriving in Nigeria in the past week. Fixed.

Anyway, the case was first reported in West Africa, but Saudi Arabia was first reported in the Gulf countries the day after Brazil reported what was first known in Latin America.

Many countries around the world have banned travelers from southern Africa, and some have gone further. Japan has banned foreign tourists and requested international airlines to suspend new bookings for all flights arriving in the country until the end of December. This is one of the toughest steps everywhere.

The United States is working to require all domestic air travelers to be tested for COVID-19 within one day before boarding an airplane. Currently, fully vaccinated individuals can be presented with tests performed within 3 days of boarding.

Leaders also continued to confess that vaccination remains the best way to contain a pandemic.

For the first time, Von der Leyen said EU countries should consider mandating vaccination for specific sectors or as a whole, as in Austria. Overall, 67% of the EU’s population is vaccinated, but a relatively high proportion has not stopped the surge in some countries.

EU countries are currently taking different approaches. Beginning in mid-January, Greece will impose a monthly fine of € 100 on unvaccinated people over the age of 60.

“The data are irrefutable. Nine out of ten Greeks who died are over 60 years old, and more than eight out of ten (dead) have not been vaccinated,” said Kiriakos, Greece. Prime Minister Mitsutakis told Congress.

Meanwhile, Slovakia is considering giving 500 euros to that age group if they move forward for a shot. Meanwhile, Olaf Scholz, who was appointed Chancellor of Germany, said he would support the proposal to require everyone to be vaccinated against the coronavirus next year.

Lawrence Boon, Chief Economist at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, pointed out that vaccination also makes financial sense.

“G20 countries have spent $ 10 trillion to support people and their economies since the beginning of the pandemic. It will only cost $ 50 billion to ensure vaccination around the world,” Boone said. Said. “I’m just saying.”

The global economy recovered faster than expected from the early stages of the pandemic, but Boone changed rapidly, especially as governments often relaxed regulations to return to normal when the virus was not contained. Warned that there is a possibility of doing so.

“We are very concerned that we haven’t learned much from our recent experience, and the news about Omicron variants may actually remind us of how short-sighted the failure was.” Boone said.

In the EU in 27 countries, doctors in intensive care units have taken stricter measures against the use of masks by politicians and ordered the closure of restaurants, bars and leisure facilities to prevent the unit from overflowing again. I’m sure I did.

The German Intensive Care Unit Association warned on Wednesday that the number of COVID-19 patients in need of intensive care would reach a new high before Christmas — and expect it to exceed the highest ever since last year. bottom.

The DIVI Association called for national restrictions to immediately delay its dissemination. German federal and state leaders are expected to decide Thursday on new measures to curb the recent surge in coronavirus infections.

Austria, meanwhile, has extended its blockade as planned until December 11, with signs that measures are helping to significantly reduce coronavirus infection rates.

Germany and Austria are one of several countries in Europe, and some have high vaccination rates. Portugal has the world’s highest vaccination rate of 88%, tightening immigration requirements on Wednesday and mandating masks indoors to slow the uptrend. Until recently, Portugal was protected from the surges that occurred elsewhere on the continent.

South Korea, which is also seeing a delta-led surge that has pushed hospitalizations and deaths to record highs, has also extended the blockade. On Wednesday, the country reported for the first time a daily surge of over 5,000 coronavirus infections.


This story has been updated to correct that Nigeria says it discovered a variant of Omicron in this month’s sample instead of October.


Yamaguchi reported from Tokyo. AP journalists around the world have contributed to this report.

Omicron keeps world jittery as more information drips out – The Denver Post Source link Omicron keeps world jittery as more information drips out – The Denver Post

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