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Residents of Orange Farm in South Africa will receive a jab for COVID-19 at the Orange Farm Multipurpose Center on Friday, December 3, 2021. South Africa has accelerated its vaccination campaign a week after the discovery of the omicron variant of the coronavirus. (AP Photo / Jerome Delay)

Johannesburg (AP) — Dr. Sikhulile Moyo was analyzing a COVID-19 sample in his laboratory in Botswana last week and found that it looked surprisingly different from the others.Within a few days, the world Burned up in the news The coronavirus has new concerns and seems to be causing a dramatic surge in South Africa, where you can get a glimpse of where. Pandemic I may head.

The number of new cases in South Africa has skyrocketed from about 200 cases a day in mid-November to more than 11,500 cases on Thursday.In the week Since the discovery of Omicron in Houten, the most populous state in the country, Infectious diseases surged 300%, Health Minister Joe Fara said on Friday.

He added that the variant is now spread to all eight other states. Despite the rapid increase, infectious diseases are still below the 25,000 new cases per day reported by South Africa in the previous surges in June and July.

Little is known about the new variant, but the surge in South Africa suggests that it may be more contagious, and a neighboring South African researcher was right behind him. But Moyo, a scientist who may have first identified a new variant, said. There are more than 50 mutations in Omicron, which scientists call a major leap in the evolution of the virus.

It is not clear whether the variants cause more serious illness or can avoid vaccine protection. Phaahla said that only a few vaccinated people became ill, most were mild cases, and the majority of hospitalized people were unvaccinated.

He said South African hospitals have so far been dealing with new surges. Even hospitals in Gauteng, which account for more than 70% of all new daily infections, have the ability to handle new hospitalizations, he said.

This situation can change, as most people infected so far are young and generally less ill than older patients. However, Moyo expressed hope that the vaccine would not be put aside by the new variant.

“From the data we see, there is great hope that vaccinated people should be able to receive a lot of protection,” he said.

It’s a dub tail What a World Health Organization official in Asia said Friday.

While warning that cases could grow rapidly due to Omicron, Dr. Takeshi Kasai, WHO Regional Director of the Western Pacific, was used for delta variants that themselves caused a surge around the world. The countermeasure was a response.

“All this positive news is that none of the information we currently have about Omicron suggests that we need to change the direction of our response,” Kasai told reporters. Told.

This means adhering to social distance guidelines and continuing to promote improved immunization rates, such as wearing masks, said Dr. Babatunde Olowokure, Director of WHO Regional Emergency Bureau.

More than 30 countries around the world have reported Omicron infections, but so far the numbers are low outside South Africa. As a result, many countries are competing to impose travel bans on visitors from southern Africa.

South Africa has severely criticized the travel ban, saying that South Africa is highly transparent and has been punished for moving very quickly to warn the world of Omicron. WHO said it was notified by the state of the new variant on November 24th.

“We must emphasize that while our scientists and Botswana scientists first discovered and reported this variant, no one knows where it came from. “Fara said.

Omicron may be driving S Africa’s surge; wary world watches Source link Omicron may be driving S Africa’s surge; wary world watches

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