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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-07-24 21:29:17 –

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Portage County, Ohio (WJW) — Sheriff Bruce D. Zukowski Portage County Sheriff’s Office He later said he felt compelled to speak “on behalf of Silent Majority.” Cleveland Indians Renamed to Guardian..

In a Facebook post, Sheriff Zuchowski says that looking back at the roots of baseball, a tradition in the American family, the team’s decision weighs heavily on his heart with disappointment and despair.

He says his wife, a descendant of the Cherokee and Blackfoot American Indians, did not see the Cleveland Indians as a prejudiced or prejudiced team, but as a baseball franchise in his hometown.

In his post, he states, “this is an attempt to once again erase our history because of the protests of a few who affect many.”

He concludes his post by calling on both lawmakers and decision makers to start thinking about the majority of their members before giving in to the impulsive demands of a small number of people.

Cleveland fans Mixing reaction Some have said that the name change prefers to change the name of Spider to a team, which is a reversion to the club’s name from the 1890s.

Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States, Said about the name change, Part: “Such shame, and I assure you that the most angry people about it are many Indians in our country.”

On the other hand Reportedly, White House spokesman Jen Psaki says the White House certainly favors the new name of the Cleveland baseball team.

‘On behalf of silent the majority’ Source link ‘On behalf of silent the majority’

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