On the eve of his inauguration, Biden leads the memorial service for virus victims

Washington — Presidential election Joseph R. Biden Jr. arrives in the capital on Tuesday for the first time since the election and refuses his predecessor by leading the national mourning of the murdered Americans the night before taking office. went. Due to coronavirus.

Biden said the same day that the U.S. deaths exceeded an astonishing 400,000 at a solemn sunset ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial, a city virtually occupied by troops wary of political violence. In honor of the victims of the pandemic. And almost a year to a day after the first report of the virus appearing in the country.

“You have to remember to heal,” Biden said standing in front of a reflecting pool surrounded by 400 lights to show the 400,000 victims of the virus. “It can be hard to remember. But that’s how we heal. It’s important to do it as a country. That’s why we’re here today. Between sunset and dusk. Illuminate the light in the dark along the sacred pool of reflections and remember everyone we lost. “

As the president-elect spoke, the bells of Washington National Cathedral began to ring, illuminating the Empire State Building in New York and the Space Needle in Seattle. Cities from Miami to San Diego also took this opportunity to light the buildings, and Mr Biden’s inaugural committee recommended that Americans light candles on the windows to show national solidarity. The event was also held in two cities, Biden’s hometown, Wilmington, Delaware and Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The exciting ceremony provided a moment of catharsis that the country had never experienced before, highlighting the store change when Mr. Biden swore to take office as the 46th president of the United States on Wednesday. Throughout the pandemic, President Trump refused to hold a similar public memorial event, even if he and his family and staff members themselves were infected and recovered from the virus, with little sympathy for the victims. It was.

Mr. Trump did not mention the disastrous new landmark of 400,000 deaths on Tuesday in his farewell greetings to the country, but in a sentence to the victims. “We mourn all the lost lives and swear in their memory to wipe out this horrific pandemic,” he said in his speech. Released in video..

Otherwise, he would focus on the “brutal sacrifice” that the virus had brought to the economy and develop the vaccine at record speed without mentioning the problems of distributing life-saving shots. I was proud of my success.

It was a depressing day for Mr. Biden, 78, preparing to seize the reins of a country at stake on Wednesday. When he left Wilmington for Washington, he became openly emotional, wiped tears from his eyes, and suffocated to achieve the goal he had been seeking for 30 and a half years. He meditated aloud about his death, saying that it was his dead son, Beau Biden, who became president instead of him. But he insisted that dark days would continue to be bright.

“It’s very personal that our next trip to Washington begins here. This is where we define the best Americans,” said President-elect Joseph R. “Beau. “I said at the send-off ceremony of Major Biden III. The National Guard / Reserve Center in New Castle, Delaware is named after his son and the state attorney general who served in Iraq before he died of a brain tumor in 2015. “It’s a dark time, but it’s always a bright time. That’s what makes this condition special. That’s what taught me. There’s always light.”

In other words, James Joyce, who once said, “When I die, Dublin will be written in my heart,” Biden stopped to compose himself and his voice quivered. “Excuse me for my emotions, but when I die, Delaware is written in my heart,” he said. Regarding Beau Biden, he added: “There is only one regret that he is not here. We should introduce him as president.”

Less than two weeks after a mob encouraged by Mr. Trump attacked the Capitol and temporarily stopped counting, safety concerns caused the presidential electoral college to fly to Washington instead of taking the train. I was surprised. This is Amtrak Joe’s favorite mode of transportation. The Electoral College will vote to approve Mr. Biden’s victory.

He traveled on chartered white and gray airliners, which in itself was another break from habit. President Bill Clinton, President George W. Bush, and President Barack Obama all sent government planes to welcome their successors and take them to the capital for their inauguration, but Mr. Trump helps them. He revealed that he had little interest in it. Staff said they chose not to request an official jet.

A few months after trying to overturn the outcome of the Democratic elections, Mr. Trump despised the traditional change of power, refused to invite Mr. Biden to a regular post-election visit to the White House, and attended Wednesday’s inauguration. Refused to do.

But in a farewell video on Tuesday, he made a good wish to his successor, without actually using Mr. Biden’s name. “This week we pray for the launch of a new government and the success of making America safe and prosperous,” Mr. Trump said. “We extend our best wishes and wish them good luck. This is a very important word.”

The president, who did not appear publicly for days and remained isolated in the White House in the last few hours, was posted online to assemble his administration as a period of progress, despite pandemics and assaults. I used a 20 minute video of the Houses of Parliament.

“I wasn’t looking for the easiest course,” Trump said. “So far, it was actually the hardest. I didn’t find the way with the least criticism. I took on the toughest fights, the hardest fights, the hardest choices. That’s what you’re me. Because you chose to. Your needs were my first and last unwavering focus. “

The retiring president, citing his achievements, has made a strong pre-pandemic economy, tax cuts, deregulation, appointing a judiciary including three Supreme Court judges, amending the North American Free Trade Agreement, and investing additional funds. I mentioned it. Normalization of relations between the military, Israel and some of its Arab neighbors, and his confrontation between China and Iran. “I’m particularly proud to be the first president in decades to start a new war,” he said.

Mr. Trump has re-condemned the attack on the Capitol on January 6, not acknowledging responsibility for encouraging supporters impeached in the House of Representatives and tried in the Senate.

“All Americans were scared of the attack on our Capitol,” the president said. “Political violence is an attack on everything we value as Americans. It is never tolerated.” He instigated the crowd in advance and they even after they invaded the Capitol. Without mentioning the fact that he said to them, he told them to go home, “We love you, you are very special.”

Mr. Trump has accused “political censorship” and “blacklisting” by social media companies that blocked his accounts, and said he wouldn’t leave and remain silent. “We are now preparing to give power to the new administration at noon on Wednesday, so please be aware that the movement we started is just beginning,” he said.

Mr. Biden’s ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial was joined by his wife Jill Biden, Vice Presidential election Kamala Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff. Cardinal Wilton Gregory, Archbishop of Washington, called for the performance by two acclaimed gospel singers, Yolanda Adams and Lori Marie Key.

During an event in Delaware, Biden said he would become Vice President as a partner to a black man who took office 12 years ago, and to become a partner to black and South Asian women who will become president on Wednesday. .. Became Vice President.

“Don’t tell me things can’t change,” he said. “They can and do. That’s America, it’s Delaware, a place of hope and light and endless possibilities. And I’m honored. I’m really honored to be your President-elect and Commander-in-Chief. I’m always a proud son of Delaware. “

On the eve of his inauguration, Biden leads the memorial service for virus victims

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