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There are many ways to show your maverick spirit.

for the students who make up the August 2022 Graduation Classit means overcoming financial barriers, overcoming COVID-19, getting out of your comfort zone, and achieving your long-held academic dream.

Nearly 600 students are ready to join the Maverick Alumni Network of over 120,000, so be one of the hundreds of Mavericks who cross the stage and begin the next chapter of their life’s journey. I wanted to shine the spotlight.

We know that everyone graduating this month will continue to dream boldly of what is possible with a little Maverick mindset.

Arissa Bavari, MSc in Health and Kinesiology

Birthplace: Frederick, Maryland
Campus Activities/Recognition: UNO Maverick Maniacs, Public Health Students Association

Arissa Bavari, who received her BA in Exercise Science during the COVID-19 pandemic, turned her insecurities into strengths by continuing her education at UNO. In doing so, she joined the Health Security Agency as one of her students’ employees, helping hundreds of students, faculty, and staff overcome their own uncertainties. rice field.

Arissa says:

She is now using this experience as Special Olympics Nebraska’s Urban Youth and Schools Program Manager, which will help her as she pursues a career in health.

More about Alyssa:

What do you like most about UNO?

I love how intimate the campus is, both literally and figuratively. I am grateful that the campus blends into the city and has given me so many opportunities. I also love how the Health and Kinesiology building felt like one big family. I had classes in different types of disciplines within the university.

What does getting a degree at UNO mean to you?

I graduated a year early, in the middle of the pandemic. Two years later, after endless drafts, it means a lot that he finally got his master’s degree. I was motivated to get to work and proved to myself that good things take time (and endless drafts).

Do you have any advice for other UNO students?

First, know your professor. They taught me not only how to be a good student, but also his work-life balance, life tips, gardening, and more. You can learn even more by saying yes and keeping an open mind. Third, get involved. One club he can try for a semester and if he doesn’t like it, he can say he tried something else and move on. Finally, get the first draft out of the way. Let’s be honest, your first draft won’t be great. That’s why it’s called Draft. Write down your ideas on paper, then edit.

Justin Rodriquez, BSc in Cybersecurity

Justin Rodriquez

Birthplace: Omaha, Nebraska
Campus Activities/Recognition: Nullify, Regents Scholarship

Justin Rodriquez, who joined UNO from Papillion La-Vista High School, believes the campus community is welcoming and supportive. This allows you to meet new people and get personalized support from your academic advisor. He says the accessibility of his academic advisor helped him plan the next steps in his academic journey. As a result, he was able to get a position as an engineer on the Union He Pacific project. Here in Omaha, he is about to take the next step in his professional journey.

“I want to apply what I learned in college to my professional career,” he says. “I will further build up my knowledge and experience in the cyber security field.”

More posts from Justin:

What are your favorite UNO memories?

One of my fondest memories of UNO is probably when first grade school started. I was pretty nervous and ended up going to a student participation fair with my friends. It was a great experience. There were clubs to meet and get to know lots of people and lots of free food. For us, it was a big ice breaker for the entire university.

What does getting a degree at UNO mean to you?

For me, getting a degree means the beginning of the next chapter in my life. But it is also the culmination of a lot of hard work and countless hours of study. It is also a reminder.

What do you like most about UNO?

What I love most about UNO is the community. It’s a great place to meet new people and there are countless events and organizations that help you feel welcome. There is something for everyone.

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