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King has created a story that is rightly done by the four historical giants. Overnight in Miami that night / Amazon Prime Video

A minimalist movie with vast ambitions, That night in Miami It’s simply a spectacular debut from director Regina King.

The acclaimed actor King, who has previously directed television, That night in Miami She used something to transform something when telling the story of four historical legends together in one motel room.

These legends are musician Sam Cooke played by citizenship leader Malcolm X, boxer Cassius Clay, soccer player Jim Brown, Kingslieven Adil, Eli Goree, Ardis Hodge, and Leslie Odom Jr. They all meet under the same roof when discussing a personal and collective future. This movie was written by screenwriter and playwright Kemp Powers. soulA fascinating movie that didn’t deal with the author’s material like King manages here.

One night in the movie takes place after Cassius, who hadn’t become Muhammad Ali, defeated Sonny Liston. The director’s well-thought-out boxing scene is just an appetizer for the main course, where you can have a crackling conversation. At 30 minutes, the movie calms down and becomes a canvas for reflexive meditation from four friends.

Frequently hot conversations are deeply felt and honest. In particular, Malcolm and Sam are constantly challenging each other on their ideological outlook, sharing stories of connections that arise from mutual respect.

King’s actor captures larger personas for these characters, subtly revealing the vulnerabilities hidden under the public look. May Cassius, who can boast like no other in the ring, face uncertainties in the face of conversion to Islam. Or, Jim, one of the best footballers ever, is shy and even shy about revealing how to become a movie star. King teases these delicate performances and gives them life.


Overnight in Miami that night / Amazon Prime Video

The most spectacular monologue is Ben Adil’s Malcolm. He absolutely yells them at the rafters … or rather, where would the rafters be if this were on stage? Don’t be fooled by the simplified set and humble staging. This is not just the equivalent of a filmed play. King infuses the film with visual richness, from warm, vibrant colors to how to delicately assemble four friends watching fireworks together on the roof.

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Malcolm’s often messy and winding performances prioritize real conversation to show the icon’s noisy inner state of mind. I wonder what Malcolm said about the tensions between these films that spotlight black-centric stories released by companies like Amazon.

That aside That night in Miami It remains a solid and complex study of the four characters that make every moment shine. It is accurate and confident without escaping the uncertainty that plagues its character. King created a story that is done correctly by four historical giants who come to share screens in ways that are difficult to match.

You can stream That night in Miami Via Amazon Prime from Friday, January 15th.

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