One Tank Trip: Dawes Arboretum – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-06-23 14:16:03 –

Newark, Ohio (WJW) – Beeman and Bertie Dawes love trees. Too many, they build their own arboretum.

Planting began in 1924 on a small farm purchased just outside Columbus. The original house is still on the furnished grounds.

“When Beeman and Bertie came to this farmland, it was about 200 acres. They did farming here. They had an orchard, syruping maple trees and collecting trees. 1929 Since then, the orchard has grown to nearly 2,000 acres. We continue to grow our collections, restore habitats, and continue to practice the best management practices for agriculture, “said the Secretary-General of the Dose Orchard. One Luke Mesinger said.

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A drive through the Dawes Arboretum will bring you to a theme garden that resembles a popular Japanese garden.

“Most people point to stopping at this garden. The length of the drive through the arboretum is about 4.5 miles. Most people stop here and follow the loop trails around the pond. Break Look at the yard, the flying stones across the water, the arch bridge, “said Mesinger.

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There are beautiful plants throughout the building. Each is numbered and monitored.

“We have 5,000 varieties of plants. They are woody plants. We are not necessarily tracking perennials in our garden. But we are tracking. Kimoto plants. There are 5,000 varieties. About 17,000 of these plants are in the recording system, “says Mesinger.

There is a unique area called the Observatory and Stampery Gardens.

“It utilizes tree stumps. It’s an old English landscape tradition. While cleaning the landscape, moving the stumps sideways and placing the soil contained in the roots there will cause some of the forest plants. It will sprout, “said the Secretary-General.

And above all, it’s just One tank trip..

One Tank Trip: Dawes Arboretum Source link One Tank Trip: Dawes Arboretum

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