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One-third of heat deaths directly due to global warming, study says – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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More than one-third of Heat death of the world Global warming is a direct cause each year, according to the latest research that attempts to calculate labor costs due to climate change.

But scientists say this is only part of the overall sacrifice of climate change: storms, floods, droughts, etc.-The number of heat deaths exponentially as temperatures rise. Will increase.

Dozens of researchers investigating heat deaths in 732 cities around the world from 1991 to 2018 calculated that 37% were caused by rising temperatures due to artificial warming.

That’s about 9,700 people a year in these cities alone, but far more globally, the lead author of the study said.

“These are heat-related deaths that can actually be prevented. This is what we are doing directly,” said Ana Vised Cabrera, an epidemiologist at the Institute of Social Preventive Medicine at the University of Bern, Switzerland. Said.

Cities in South America had the highest rates of heat deaths from climate change. Vicedo-Cabrera pointed to Southern Europe and South Asia as other hotspots for climate change-related heat deaths.

According to researchers, Sao Paulo, Brazil, has the highest number of deaths from climate-related heat, with an average of 239 per year.

According to this study, about 35% of heat stroke deaths in the United States are thought to be due to climate change. It kills more than 1,100 people annually in about 200 cities in the United States and 141 in New York. Honolulu had the highest death toll from heat stroke due to climate change at 82%.

Scientists use decades-long mortality data from 732 cities to see how mortality in each city changes with temperature and how the heat death curve changes from city to city. I plotted a curve that shows in detail. Due to air conditioning, cultural factors and environmental conditions, some cities are more adapted to the heat than others, Vised Cabrera said.

The researchers then took the observed temperatures and compared them to 10 computer models that simulate a climate-free world. The difference is the warming caused by humankind. By applying this scientifically accepted method to the individualized heat death curves of 732 cities, scientists have calculated the extra heat death due to climate change.

“People continue to seek evidence that climate change is already affecting our health. This attribution study uses state-of-the-art epidemiological techniques to answer that question directly. The amount of data the author has collected for analysis is impressive, “said Dr. Jonathan Patz, director of the Institute for Global Health, University of Wisconsin. ..

Patz, who did not participate in the study, said he was one of the first to elaborate on climate change-related heat deaths now, not in the future.

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One-third of heat deaths directly due to global warming, study says Source link One-third of heat deaths directly due to global warming, study says

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