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Given how last year’s pandemic has forced the majority of businesses to shift their operations online, it’s clear that remote work will eventually become the norm of most industries. We’ve long had the technology to make such a shift possible; we only needed to be forced into such a position. Whether you’re looking for a job online as a means to supplement your income, or you’d like to familiarize yourself with applying for jobs online, here are some mistakes that you should absolutely avoid.

Failing to Follow the Application Procedure

We’ve all been taught to follow instructions since grade school. Failing to follow application instructions is one of the most subtle, yet most disqualifying mistakes. Always read the application procedure thoroughly and follow it to the letter. Failing to follow application instructions will automatically get your application trashed. Application instructions are usually simple and those who fail to follow these simple directions cannot be entrusted with more important tasks.

Submitting a Poorly-Written Resume

A resume is meant to provide the recruiting manager with information relevant to your qualification and compatibility to the job post. Many recruiting managers use resumes to evaluate applicants, not just for the credentials found within the resume, but also for the way the resume is written. While you can check resume templates here, it’s important to avoid mistakes like: grammatical errors, missing information, and irrelevant information as these give off the impression that the applicant lacks an attention to detail and a lack of seriousness in their application.

Using a Generic Cover Letter

In the same manner that applicants should tailor their resume to the job posting, the cover letter should also be customized to suit the job description and the company. Employers have a keen eye for generic cover letters and most of them automatically discard applications that use generic cover letters. Research on the company’s history and goals, and use that information to craft a cover letter that highlights your skills and how these skills can help achieve company goals.

Applying for Several Positions At the Same Company

Applying to several positions at the same company gives off an impression that you don’t take the job seriously or that you don’t have a definite career path. Always pick a position that you think matches your skills and experience.

Submitting a Falsified Application

Unfortunately, many applicants still lie on their job application. This prevalent practice is what prompts hiring managers to look beyond resumes before deciding whether to hire an applicant. This is easily the worst application mistake, not just because it will eventually cost you your job, but because  it will eventually ruin your career.

The moment your employer finds out that you lied in your application, you’re going to be disqualified. Even if you manage to slip through, you’ll still eventually get caught. Remember that hiring managers talk to each other. Word can spread and effectively kill your chances of working with every other company in the industry.

Your credentials will often speak for you. If you’re competent and trustworthy, you’re bound to  get hired eventually, as long as you don’t ruin your chances with these simple mistakes. Again, these are subtle factors that can have a big impact on your career.

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