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Faubion School in Northeastern Portland participating in the program

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) —Before the school year, Portland Public School staff partner with OHA, Oregon Department of Education, and OHSU to conduct an optional takeaway COVID screening test for all desired students. I announced that.

With over 50,000 students at PPS, authorities say they can keep up with demand.

“We are prepared to run a very large volume of tests at OHSU, 8,000 to 10,000 tests a day, seven days a week,” said Dr. Donna Hansel on September 1.

Hansel, OHSU’s chief pathologist, The program is developed in a step-by-step approach. She also said she expects only 10% of families to opt in to the program.

Well, two weeks after the school year, Faubion School in Northeast Portland Only one person is involved in this screening option. But that’s not because of lack of interest.

OHSU has not yet provided PPS with the ability to run this test in one or more schools. This was announced at a PPS Board of Education meeting on Wednesday.

“It really depends on the equipment provided to OHSU and their ability to enhance testing,” said Dr. Seanbird, Deputy Director of the PPS Education and School Community. “There is no program other than symptomatic testing.”

Dr. Bird told KOIN 6 News that he expects the program to take about six weeks to expand. However, after increased communication between the district and the hospital, OHSU staff decided to move quickly and add more schools overnight.

By next week, all PPS families will receive a consent form to opt in for this optional weekly home COVID screening. The district says the test will be done soon. The process begins at K-5 School.

PPSCOVID-19 Dashboard

As of midnight on Friday, the PPS dashboard reports that 51 children and 5 staff are currently isolated.

Only 1 PPS school has take-home COVID screening tests so far Source link Only 1 PPS school has take-home COVID screening tests so far

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