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By Kendall Tietz

Two employees in Missouri’s largest school district complained to government employers on Wednesday alleging that they were forced to affirm and promote ideologies they disagree with.

Brooke Henderson and Jennifer Lumley, employees of Springfield Public Schools (SPS), said the First Amendment protects public school employees from perspective discrimination, while the school district “does not support teachers and staff. We are forcing you to disclose your desired personal information. ” Keep it secret and self-censor on public interest issues. ” Complaints..

According to the complaint, SPS warns staff to “professionalize” and “maintain engagement” during equity training. The district-wide staff training program “requires that staff be fair and” promise “to be” anti-racist educators. “

All SPS staff are either “received’fair training’to learn about oppression, white supremacy, and systematic racism,” or face wage cuts, the complaint said. I am. Henderson works as an advocate for students with disabilities, and Ramley is a secretary.

Equity training program materials define white supremacy as “the inclusive centrality and assumed superiority of those who are defined and recognized as white.” paper Robin DiAngelo, progressive A scholar who wrote books such as “White Fragility” and “Nice Racism”. The complaint also states that SPS requires staff to discuss the “repression matrix” and locate individuals on the chart.

In the complaint, plaintiffs emphasized the party that became the “scream of the rally” of the civil rights movement from the dissenting opinion of Plessy v. Ferguson in the Supreme Court proceedings. Citizen. “

According to the complaint, Henderson and Ramley said that “fairness” is the “codespeak” of “the practice of adjusting individuals to see each other’s skin tones first and then matching different racial groups to each other.” Claims. They also emphasize the difference between equality and equality.

Equality is a principle enacted in the Fourteenth and 15th Amendments to the Constitution, “aiming for equal opportunity and treatment of color blindness under the law”, “declared in the Declaration of Independence, defended in the civil war”. “. The Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. “

According to the complaint, fairness is “about so-called fairness,” but in reality it grants a “license to punish an individual based on skin color.”

According to the graphics included in the complaint, the SPS equity training material explains that “only whites can be racists,” along with “mass imprisonment” and “racial profiling,” and colorblindness. Explains that it is actually a form of white supremacism.

“SPS asks staff whether they should say what they really think (at risk of being asked to leave) or repeat what the district wants to hear (contradictory to their own beliefs). Put it in a win-win situation, or don’t speak at all (at risk of being called a white supremacist), “the complaint said.

SPS is an initiative to create a fairness and diversity initiative that is “comprehensive, fair, accessible and positive learning and working environment for all students and staff”. “We have to take responsibility for this work,” he said.
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‘Only White People Could Be Racist’: Staff Sue School District over Mandatory ‘Equity’ Training Source link ‘Only White People Could Be Racist’: Staff Sue School District over Mandatory ‘Equity’ Training

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