OPD confirms escorted route for Cpl. Page’s remains – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska 2021-09-08 15:50:50 –

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) —The Omaha Police Department states in a press release that it is helping to escort Cpl’s body. A degan page from Eppley Airfield to Braman Funeral Hall on Friday.

Cpl. The page will arrive at Eppley Airfield at 1:30 pm, followed by escorts.

Citizens are encouraged to show assistance along the route of the convoy, but be careful to reserve space for the vehicle and note the following:

  • Parking that complies with parking regulations
  • Ask for permission before parking in a private parking lot
  • Do not block the driveway
  • Be patient if you are in a traffic jam and can cause delays along the route
  • Do not park illegally along the route, block intersections, or block convoys. Citizens are advised to use the interstate highway elevated roads instead of stopping by the interstate highway.

MECA parking lots B, C and D of the CHI Health Center will be open for those planning to come downtown in honor.

We recommend that you do not park at the airport or terminal as the route does not pass through the Eppley Airfield terminal. The route starts with Abbott Drive and Locust.

The rest of the route is:

  • 10th Street from Locust Street
  • TenNS From Street to Cass Street
  • Interstate Highway from Cass Street-480
  • I-480 to Interstate-80
  • I-80 to L Street
  • 132 from L StreetNS City
  • 132NS From the street to Mirror Door Avenue
  • 144 from Mirror Door VenueNS City
  • 144NS From Street to Braman Motually, 6505 South 144NS City.

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OPD confirms escorted route for Cpl. Page’s remains Source link OPD confirms escorted route for Cpl. Page’s remains

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