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Meadowlands, NJ-The moment this season changed wasn’t the moment at all. It happened three times.

Broncos aimed for it three times with four downs, and Vic Fangio junk the payphone for the iPhone, avoiding the saddle without a condom and leaving a spectacular splash on the diving board. There is no such thing as three force down conversions to increase your team’s confidence in helium. There is nothing like Teddy Bridgewater impersonating Peyton Manning to change the story.

It was simple-nothing easy in Broncos-and 60 minutes later, Broncos finished eight games in September with an impressive 27-7 victory at the stunning MetLife Stadium. ..

Broncos scored on all property except two in the second half of the fourth quarter. Bridgewater scored 28 to 36 at 264 yards, scoring two goals in two minutes. They punted once.

These are not your brother Denver Broncos. Or of your neighbor. The defense kept the Giants down to 112 yards in the first half, stiffened in the red zone and welcomed Von Miller with two sack. The spectacular performance eased the loss of receiver Jerry Judy with an apparently high right ankle sprain.

If there was any doubt that this season was unique, points were brought back in the second half of the first quarter. Broncos coach Vic Fangio had a choice in the face of 4th and 7th from the 37-yard line. Follow the ordinary paved road from top to bottom towards the soil. Fangio showed confidence in Bridgewater, and they lowered their hair and flew into the air. Bridgewater drilled Tim Patrick with a gain of 15 yards (thus, anyone who said he didn’t go four down in the real game like Fangio did in Seattle said he was wrong. Think about it).

But the drive was confused when Tim Patrick sneaked behind the wide open end zone and Bridgewater drilled the Giants defender into his head with a pass aimed at Noah Fant. Broncos settled on a 23-yard field goal from Brandon McManus. The kick lost to the road game, but Broncos held the ball 8 minutes and 42 seconds in 15 plays with 3-3 (2-8 in reverse) in the first goal of last season.

The Giants have shown that field goals can lose to road games. They responded with a 75-yard march in half the time, up to a 37-yard touchdown reception at Sterling Shepherd. Linebacker Alexander Johnson was flat and lacking in depth, but Shepherd beat rookie Patrick Surtain II and missed a high tackle to score.

Denver responded with a large third down conversion on the next possession. Bridgewater found Judy on an 11-yard crossing route. The late hit put Broncos in a ripe position. And just like that, they found a random banana peel and fell into frustration.

With 4:17 10 to 2-7 remaining, Bridgewater completed a 6-yard pass to Albert Okwegbunam. When he turned upfield, veteran Logan Ryan charged for the tackle and knocked out the ball. The referee determined that Broncos’s attack was in possession of safety before his knees touched the band, using a long delay involving returning to the field to confirm the call.

This type of revocation would have caused Broncos to perform a spiritual rap of sadness last season. Again, this is not 2020. Or in 2019, it was confirmed in “Let’s Go Broncos!”. Cheers from fans above the changing room entrance.

The situation changed completely in the first half and the second half.

With 48 seconds remaining from the Giants 49 in 4th and 2nd, Bridgewater rolled up his sleeves. Courtland Sutton attended the 14-yard reception for the first time since tearing the left ACL in Pittsburgh a year ago. Without quarrel, Bridgewater continued darts to Judy (17 yards) and Tim Patrick (16). It set up first and scored 2 with 13 seconds remaining and 2 timeouts.

It created the flexibility for orchids to stay in play. So Bridgewater disguised himself as Melvin Gordon in an RPO action, and Patrick came all the way from the other side to catch the flick pass on the score and slid along the line when he pushed Broncos 10-7.

This kind of thing didn’t happen last season. Maybe Broncos can do good things.

It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of that drive. Broncos entered Sundays 1-15 under Fangio when he dragged in half-time. Denver not only had the advantage, but also carried out its will. Broncos surpassed the Giants 208-112 and held it to 33 yards outside the two pass sprays.

Two quarters later, Bridgewater was 19-22 with a touchdown of 171 yards. His 86.4 completion rate was the highest in the first half of the Denver quarterback since Manning (25 of 28, 89.3% in 2013) and the fourth highest by Bronco since 1991.

And he was even better off starting the second half. He sprinkled pixie dust on the scramble and made a dangerous throw to KJ Hamler for the first down. KJ Hamler quickly dropped a score of 50 yards. Teddy found Judy with a gain of 20 yards and hit Okwegbunam with a score of 4 yards.

It kept Broncos perfect with 4 downs in 3 attempts and offered Okwegbunam a redemption.

The 16-play, 75-yard, 8:12 slalom course was undercut only by severe injuries. Judy appeared to have suffered an injury to his right lower leg when tackled. Many teammates surrounded Judy when he jumped into the cart. He was excluded almost immediately. Early reports showed that he was suffering from a high ankle sprain.

McManus added a 36-yard field goal with 12:44 remaining, and Melvin Gordon delivered Haymaker with a fourth 70-yard scoring burst when the stadium was empty. At some point, Broncos entered the Red Zone with five straight possessions. Improvement is promising.

In the first half, Giants quarterback Daniel Jones completed 42 yards to Darius Slayton, who defeated Kyle Fuller on the right sideline. It brought short-term hope that this would be a game. Not exactly.

On the first and tenth days of the 30-yard line, Von Miller put out his pen and began writing a diary of havoc. He sniffed a short pass to Kadarius Tony and suffocated him with a loss of 6 yards. It took the Giants out of the field goal range.

Broncos’ defense was dominant.

Four hours before the first snap, Giants fans began arriving at the tailgate. At Lot M, longtime Big Blue supporters brought out a mini-oven, three propane tanks, a generator and planned lunch and dinner with wine and beer. They haven’t seen New York win the season’s opening home game since 2010.

They are still waiting. Waiting for quarterback Waiting for victory Broncos has lived this. As they entered Jets’ locker room, they walked past the door motto, which shouted, “All gas, no brakes.” Broncos read and applied it, and now their unvictorious September is over. They will be favored in the next two games.

Yes, this year is different. And so are these Broncos.

Chub was on the sidelines

Forty-five minutes before the kick-off, Bradley Chub bounced off before the match, uplifting his teammates. The problem was that he wore shorts and a cap. Despite the aggressive push, Chub’s left ankle did not improve enough to play, leaving the pro bowler inactive for the opener. His long-term health outweighed his short-term profits in the 17-game season. The other six inactive people were Cornerback Nate McClary, Kary Vincent Jr., Jammer Johnson, Cam Fleming, Andrew Beck, and McTelvin Agim.


Teddy Bridgewater became the first black quarterback to begin the season’s opening round at Broncos. He wants to inspire others with this achievement, but admits that his focus is on victory. “It’s that easy,” Bridgewater said last week. Bridgewater marks the team’s eleventh start since Peyton Manning retired following the Super Bowl 50. Only Trevor Siemian (13-11) and Brett Rypien (1-0) have the winning record. The seven started under Vic Fangio and are second most in the coach’s first 33 games. … Von Miller lost the first quarter sack and tackle. … Josie Jewel forced Fumble, recovered by Malik Reed for the first takeout of the season. … Broncos promoted Nate Hairstone in the cornerback and ran back the Damare Akrocket from the practice team to add depth to the special team. Crockett was used for kick returner.

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