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Opening statements in STEM School shooting trial bring opposing views as to Erickson’s involvement – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Denver – In the opening statement Second Suspect Trial at STEM SchoolProsecutors allege that Devon Ericsson planned a school shooting with Alec McKinney, and his lawyers said his alleged actions were McKinney’s use of drugs, family troubles, and manipulation. Claimed to be a product of.

Prosecutor George Brawler, now 18-year-old district attorney chiefTh The jurisdiction first addressed the court and jury at a trial on Thursday afternoon. The trial is scheduled to continue until June 25. The jury was seated.

The full text of the opening statement in the Devon Erickson STEM School shootings

He started by playing a 911 recording of his teacher, Erin Christian, and called to report a shot from the next room.

“I think he’s in the room next to me,” she tells the dispatcher, who instead tells her:

Brauchler walked the next moment at STEM School Highlands Ranch with a jury and Judge Teresa Slade. Face 48 counts Allegedly assisted in planning and execution in trials, including first-class murders and first-class murder attempts Mass shootings at school on May 7, 2019.

Brawler is sad that McKinney (“anger, hatred”) has made Ericsson “plan” for a mass shooting at school. He called their plan “The Story of Victims and Heroes” and summarized it as the reason for the shooting and how Ericsson claimed to have been manipulated by McKinney.

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Brawler talked about an interview with Ericsson’s detective about an hour after Ericsson was arrested.

Browler said: May 7th all day When Ericsson returned home with another friend and they used cocaine, when he met his girlfriend, he and McKinney broke into his father’s gun vault and robbed the gun used for shooting. Then, and then he went to the school’s health room on suspicion of bringing a gun in a guitar case. Ericsson had the opportunity to alert adults and call 911 about what would happen. Was enough, but did not.

“He doesn’t tell anyone. He doesn’t do anything,” Browner said, adding that Ericsson tried to warn his friend to leave the 107 classroom where the shooting was, but only failed. ..

Brawler said that the last message Ericsson received from McKinney was “all plans were made,” and then the shooting began shortly after leaving the nurse’s office and allegedly Ericsson sent the message. “I’m going now.”

Browler went through Kendrick Castillo’s Ericsson Rush Ericsson was fatally injured before the other two students in the classroom rushed to Ericsson and fought him when the gun got stuck.

Brawler claimed that Castillo was shot before fighting Ericsson, who reportedly told investigators that Castillo was shot before arriving at Ericsson.

Brawler explained that McKinney had begun shooting others in the room, many of whom were focused on Ericsson and were unaware that they were shot or that McKinney was also shot. T.

Brawler claimed that Ericsson would have continued to fire after the weapon was stuck in the fourth shot, emptying the magazine, and as soon as it was subdued, began to claim the story of the victims and heroes. ..

“Only when he finally calms down, he says,’Alec let me do it,'” Browler insisted.

Castillo’s parents – John and Maria Castillo – were in court, seemingly upset and weeping several times. Ericsson appeared in a blue suit with short, naturally colored hair.

The defense argued that Ericsson’s case was about mental health and manipulation.

“This is a case where Devon Ericsson’s family life collapsed and ignored him at a critical time after graduating from high school. After months of substance use, weight loss, and lack of sleep, the youth’s rationality It’s about how quickly it gets worse. Sleep, “said counsel Julia Stansil.

She talked about Ericsson’s debilitating condition and her involvement in shooting It was a McKinney productWas called “Puppeteer”.

“It’s about Alec McKinney, a schizophrenic and murderous child, getting a vulnerable child involved in a psychotic cult play,” said Stansil.

She calls Ericsson not a bad guy, but an “interesting, witty and ironic kid,” and grew up with many years of friends, girlfriends, and hobbies. But she didn’t go well with her mother’s surgery. As a result, in the last few months of his fourth grade he spiraled down, being ignored by his father and easier to manipulate by others. A space filled by McKinney.

She portrays McKinney as a person who “has been plagued by schizophrenia for years” and explains how he was previously hospitalized in a mental health facility for suicide and homicidal ideation.

Stansil said Ericsson might have used only marijuana before meeting McKinney, but introduced Ericsson with more difficult medications such as cocaine, Xanax, methamphetamine, and cough syrup. I manipulated him and tried not to think clearly.

“He’s not a monster, a devil, or an evil,” she said. “He is a confused adolescent.”

Both prosecutors and lawyers played Snapchat videos, where Browler claimed to be directed to the story of the hero and the victim, but Stansil showed how McKinney was dominant over Ericsson. Claimed to be.

Stancil calls witnesses who can talk about their experiences with both students, and experts in psychology, physiology, and kinematics, how family problems, sleep deprivation, and substance use affect Ericsson’s mental state. He said he would discuss whether it affected him. health.

She also said the prosecution was likely to rely on McKinney, who pleaded guilty to first-class murder and other charges last year. Sentenced to life imprisonment with possible parole In their case against Ericsson, he was a minor when the shooting happened.

“He is a master of puppets. Puppets, puppets. What is that? [a counselor] “That’s what the government didn’t try to find out,” Stansil insisted. “This is a tragic and tragic story of what happened that day, and what Devon Ericsson is doing wrong. No one can say that he did not make a series of horrific decisions with horrific consequences, but this is a story of human emotions, what he was trying to do, what he intends to do. Was it and why? “

Two of Ericsson’s 48 faces are sentence enhancements when convicted. Of the remaining 46 criminal charges, 43 are felony.Ericsson Claim innocence For the price.

The jury will resume testimony by 9 am on Friday and will resume witness testimony. This testimony can be viewed live during the trial on a Webex feed from the court. Click here.

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Opening statements in STEM School shooting trial bring opposing views as to Erickson’s involvement Source link Opening statements in STEM School shooting trial bring opposing views as to Erickson’s involvement

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