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Opinion | Does Maskman Date Work?

For example, last week Florida Accounting For more than 20% of Covid-19 cases reported in the United States Decrease The case was reported weekly and no longer shared county-classified laboratory data or deaths. CDC map It provides a summary of the country’s Covid-19 data, but not as detailed as what the state normally reports.

At this stage of the pandemic, state and local governments need to provide more data. At a minimum, the frequency and demographic breakdown of cases, tests, hospitalizations, deaths, and vaccinations should be published. And they should do so every day.

County-level data is useful, but zip code or census-level data is better.For example, Los Angeles County vaccination Although more than 70% of eligible adults, this statistic hides the fact that vaccination coverage is much lower in some areas of the county. Highly localized data helps people better understand the specific risks of living and working and the need for mask recommendations.

At the same time, health authorities need to continue to provide data showing the benefits of vaccines. Without it, experts could inadvertently signal that the mask is a good alternative to getting the vaccine. Cases by vaccination status and breakdown of hospitalizations should be reported on a regular basis. This also helps experts monitor whether the vaccine continues to prevent severe illness.

Local experts need to provide people with the indicators they are using, such as infections and vaccinations, to determine when masks are no longer needed. Doing so emphasizes why the mask returned to the beginning and gives hope to those who do not want to wear it.

Vaccines provide lasting protection against serious illness, so by linking masking requirements to reasonable vaccination coverage goals and acceptable hospitalization levels, progress is more than potentially variable. You can get a clearer picture.

Everyone is fed up with a pandemic. Vaccines provide an escape route, but the United States has not convinced enough Americans about this. The country simply returns to the wide range of tactics adopted during the previous surge and cannot expect compliance. It must be generally clear how measures such as mask mandate can be used to reduce infection and encourage vaccination.

Opinion | Does Maskman Date Work?

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