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Opportunity from a pandemic tragedy

“When people focus on what’s right in what seems wrong in their lives (for example, car tires are flat but not totaled), it presents itself as an opportunity. It can lead to seeing things, “he said.

This is not the same as a positive idea.Instead, said Rick Hanson, A clinical psychologist, author of “Resilience: How to Foster a Solid Core of Calmness, Strength, and Happiness,” about seeing the beginning of life for change and change, even in difficult situations. Hanson said that while opportunities are often thought of as being outside of us, such as new jobs or moving to another city, opportunities for growth and change also exist within us.

Justin EH SmithFor example, philosophers, historians, and professors at the University of Paris made subtle but important changes last year. Smith describes himself as an introvert who tends to do the same thing every day and lead a rigorous life. The pandemic forced him to rebuild his daily life and relieve his rigidity.

“I’m now aware of the contingencies of these new routines, and my power to rebuild them if they aren’t suitable,” he said. Smith, 48, also admitted that he used to feel too old to try new things. However, the pandemic gave the professor permission to become a beginner again. “It was no longer a shame that I was a beginner.”

So, after some research, he opened an online brokerage account.He also picked up the guitar (and now plays it every day) and decided to start paying in August. Digital Publishing Platform Substack Subscription Newsletter, He writes about the philosophical aspects of culture, science and politics and how they are changed (and distorted) by technology.

Without a pandemic, Mr Smith probably wouldn’t have thought of it, but for the first time in his professional life he thought of income diversification. “I’m thinking ahead in the moment of instability,” he said.

Opportunity from a pandemic tragedy

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