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Omaha, Nebraska 2021-05-07 19:56:55 –

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — School bus drivers at Omaha Public Schools have expressed concern after continuously noticing students without masks.

After submitting multiple articles, drivers say they haven’t seen many changes, and are now afraid of their safety.

Children under the age of 16 are not yet eligible for vaccination, and the University of Nebraska Medical Center recently conducted an OPS survey. Student infection rates are almost six times higher than previously reported.

It is these statistics that one OPS bus driver screamed, even after writing the students, after noticing that many students did not follow the mask wearing rules.

Bus drivers wanted to express their concerns anonymously to avoid backlash.

“The instructions on the mask are very simple. Just write. [students] I want my kids to go to school, so don’t contend with it. Then the school will handle it, “said the driver.

However, according to the bus driver, the school does not discipline the written children.

“Inconsistent,” they said.

Bus drivers have filed more than 20 complaints for improper mask wearing. Writing involves observing the student with the mask down and ignoring the instructions to wear the mask before boarding.

Bus drivers are afraid not only of their safety, but of their students.

“It’s an invisible enemy. It’s very different from what we’ve had to deal with before,” they said.

Concerns are valid as Dr. John Rowe, an expert on UNMC infections, explains how the virus travels in confined spaces.

“If someone gets infected in that scenario, we can imagine that the virus in the air will continue to build up, increasing the risk for everyone over time,” Dr. Rowe said.

I asked OPS for comment. They did not specifically respond to the concerns of bus drivers, but said:

“Throughout the school year, Omaha Public Schools were regional and national leaders in health and safety efforts to protect students, staff and families. We have protocols and expectations for daily school transfers. I’ve told you clearly. “

Bus drivers said most of their colleagues did not feel that sufficient disciplinary action was taken against students who did not follow the rules. And although things have improved a bit, he wants more communication and stricter enforcement from the school.

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OPS bus driver raises concerns on mask-wearing Source link OPS bus driver raises concerns on mask-wearing

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