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Orb mask: LED is used as lighting cosmetics

Few cultures produce cosmetological products as much as France, and few countries have as many cosmetology shops as France.

The French have developed a significant number of treatments and cosmetology professions, from Angusent and Thalasso Spa to facials and dermatologists. Good Anyone. This is one of the reasons why new technologies that use LEDs to stimulate and regenerate cells are causing such a turmoil in France.

Lucibel’s new high-tech Venetian mask, named Ove, leverages what is known as photobiomodulation technology to refresh facial skin and deliver impressive results.

The latest version is an elegant portable mask mounted on a stand that clients can simply plug in and use in a beautician’s parlor or at home.Sophisticated modernist design is the brainchild of a veteran designer Olivier RapidusIn collaboration with Lucibel CEO Frederic Granotier, we have created this groundbreaking new addition to French beauty.

Olivier is no wonder about the encounter between technology, fashion and beauty. One of the famous Rapidas shows at the Louvre in the 90’s featured clothing that uses solar energy to power phones.

So I caught up with Ove to discuss potential skincare paradigms. Good Day Olivier. Why did you decide to participate in this project, and what was your first impression?

Olivier Rapidus: It is important to understand that Lucibel’s lighting is used in some of the best museums in the world, such as the Louvre and Orsay museums in Paris. Or Guggenheim in New York. So it’s part of the lighting elite. This gives Lucibel real authority.

FNW: You’ve been keen on the fusion of technology, fashion and design for a long time, haven’t you?

OL: In the 90’s I started working on an art and innovation partnership. Fashion shows and patents. Some journalists disagreed that fashion could also be research and development. But I thought of this as the future. So in 1999 I created Brochier Technologies to develop the first luminescent textiles and create dresses that combine the technologies. When I saw Frederick’s products, I saw the future again. But the question was how to design the aluminum plate used for the mask. The weight of the mask is 3.3 kg due to the power supply, so it was necessary to curve it to dissipate the heat of the mask. And we had to build an air system. Find shapes and universal designs for men and women. So making this machine with pure design and a wide range of colors is a collaborative effort.

FNW: Frederick, how did your company start this entire adventure?

Frederick Granotier: Well, we bought a very large space of 12,000 square meters in Normandy near Rouen. This allowed us to do all the research and development on the various innovations possible thanks to LED technology. Lucibel is an LED expert in designing and manufacturing high quality lightning that is economical in terms of energy.

We have decided to invest in some new axes of innovation-the first is to send data thanks to light Wi-Fi. The second is cosmetics that use light. Therefore, since 2013, Lucibel has tackled this theme and developed the first cosmetic pad from LED lighting based on the principle of light modulation.

In 2012, an American dermatologist discovered that he was using a machine that was 3 meters high and cost $ 20,000. The client has made a high bill to remove wrinkles and stretch marks on the thighs using photomodulation. This is an energetic contribution to cells by lighting that allows them to regenerate more quickly, and in fact works efficiently against stretch marks and wrinkles.

So I gave the R & D team a challenge. We’ve miniaturized this 3-meter concept and created the same with a battery-based smartphone-sized pad. Of course, some suspected it wasn’t possible, but it happened in 2014 and brought the first pad to market.

It’s a technology that really works. Clinical trials show that. We have developed a couple of generations of beauty pads. There were even masks, but they are ugly! We still sell 10,000 pads. So the market is there. Then one day I was fortunate to cross the road of Olivier. From there, with Lucibel’s expertise and Olivier’s genius design and creative spirit, we decided that we could do something special.

FNW: How much does an Ove mask cost?
FG: Our latest pads are on the market for € 649 and masks are retailed for € 1,490. It’s already over 10,000, but we haven’t sold hundreds of thousands.

FNW: What was the biggest problem in designing your mask?
OL: The problem was the form. I couldn’t put so much force into a small mask, so how to integrate the forces? You need to wear glasses when you wear a mask. Due to its capacity, you need to stay in it for only 10 minutes, and that’s it. I also designed an eye hole because I have less claustrophobia. Masks are very efficient in removing dirt and imperfections. Even if the dirt begins to darken a little at one séance, it will fade at the next séance.

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Orb mask: LED is used as lighting cosmetics

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