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Wichita, Kansas 2021-10-18 00:01:20 –

Salina, Kansas (KSNW) – A group called Salina Freedom wants to prevent the city of Salina from enacting ordinances in an emergency.

“That’s insane,” said Abner Parney, a former Salina city commissioner. “It doesn’t make any sense and is potentially very dangerous.”

A bill on ballots for the city of Salina is being voted on.

In the example of Salina’s ballot, “This ordinance prevents the city of Salina from enacting ordinances in response to public emergencies that impose restrictions on businesses and citizens, leaving responsibility to the county and Kansas emergency situations. It is subject to the control law. “

Parney is one of the former mayors and mayors asking people to vote against.

“It’s never wise to limit future options,” Perney said. “I don’t know what will happen in the future.”

Kevin Korb of Salina Freedom has obtained enough signatures to be included in the ballot during this voting cycle.

“We felt we needed something to control power in an emergency,” Kolb said. “And starting at the local level seemed like a good place to start.”

Korb claims that he may get enough votes to pass.

The proposed ordinance applies only to the city of Salina, not to Saleen County or other organizations in Kansas.

“I think there are a lot of citizens around here and I really think they are all over the United States and around the world,” Kolb said. “It feels like some government agencies have really gone too far when it comes to violating personal freedom.”

Korb says it applies to some COVID restrictions.

At least one of the current members of the city of Salina has stated that she will personally vote against the ordinance.

“I personally believe that this ordinance restricts the city of Salina from acting in the event of other emergencies,” said Mike Hoppok, Commissioner of the city of Salina.

Hoppok says he believes that restrictions on COVID in Kansas and elsewhere make it feel like freedom is being challenged. But Hoppok also says that the ordinances proposed to limit the city to enact some ordinances are overkill.

“I believe this puts the city at risk, and our job as a committee is to protect the inhabitants of Salina,” Hoppok said.

Hoppok said the city needs to be able to enact local ordinances in the event of a major tornado or other natural disaster. And that includes when Sarine District or State enacts its own ordinance.

“I personally don’t think we’re overkill as a city,” Hoppok said of the city’s decision. “The system setup method is working and I think it will continue to be that way.”

Korb points out that he still believes there may be enough votes to get it through.

“When it comes to government overkill, this is a good place to start,” Kolb said.

Ordinance proposed for Salina could curb city powers in emergencies Source link Ordinance proposed for Salina could curb city powers in emergencies

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