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Portland, OregonPortland Tribune) — The Oregon International Air Show will return to Hillsboro Airport this weekend for the first time in four years.

According to the organizers, this year’s three-day showcase will feel like a popular air show of the past, with a special twist.

The program features all female casts of performers, announcers and event coordinators. This is a concept that the Air Show Board has envisioned for years and will finally come true.

“It was an idea we had for years, but there were a lot of obstacles to the construction of the runway and the COVID … it was a hindrance,” said Steph Stricklen, Chairman of the Board. “It’s really great to have this event not only at Hillsboro Airport, but also as an event specifically focused on women in the aviation industry.”

Stricklen said there have been no women-only air shows in North America since World War II, and there are only a handful of such shows worldwide.

The event will feature a flight demonstration of the US Air Force team flying the F-35A Lightning II Stealth Fighter, F-16 Fighting Falcon, and F / A-18E / F Super Hornet Demo Team. There will also be a 1940 Boeing-Stearman pilot performance and a Skydiving demonstration by the Misty Blues team.

This is just one example of an attraction that only women carry out and exhibit. No, that doesn’t mean men can’t attend or aren’t welcomed at the event, the organizers said.

“It really feels like a traditional air show experience. It just so happens that they all become women,” Stricklen said.

Reflecting the lineup of all women and celebrating Beaver, the theme of this year’s event is Oregon’s motto, “She flies on her wings.”

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The event was moved to McMinville in 2019 as construction is underway at Hillsboro Airport. This has hit the Hillsboro community, which has held annual air shows since 1988. In 2020 and 2021, the showcase was completely canceled due to continued concerns about COVID-19. ..

With the move to McMinville, the air show will be held for the second time, and the board will host a completely different event in August in Yamhill County. Organizers say that as demand continues to grow, more cities may be added to the state-wide event list in the future.

The Hillsboro 3-day event will run from Friday, May 20th to Sunday, May 22nd. The flyby for each performance and the specific time frame may vary from day to day, but the program will have almost the same demonstrations every day.

The show on Friday starts at 6 pm and is the only show to have fireworks at night.

However, there are still flying exhibitions. According to the event’s website, Saturday’s event will be the only one featuring a flyby from the giant US Air Force E-3 Sentry plane.

According to Stricklen, the daily flight schedule isn’t set until the morning of the event, so a solid schedule hasn’t been set yet, but about 60,000 participants are expected during the weekend. Saturday tickets are a bit expensive, and the price of all tickets is more expensive at the gate, as opposed to buying online. Discounted prices for children ages 5-11.

There are also food vendors, beer gardens, and exhibits where participants can learn more about some of the female pioneers in aviation and the industry.

As always, some of the proceeds from this year’s event will be donated to local charities. The show over the last two years has benefited the career technical Oregon Aerospace Careers for Everyone Classroom. Training program High school students can enter an engineering or pilot career.

“Hillsboro is very welcome and very supportive,” Stricklen said. “I love holding air shows here.”

Oregon International Air Show returns to Hillsboro with all-female lineup Source link Oregon International Air Show returns to Hillsboro with all-female lineup

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