Oregon lawmakers extend grace period for past-due rent – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2021-05-11 20:06:43 –

Bill moves to Governor Kate Brown’s desk

Portland, Oregon (AP) —Oregon Legislature passed the bill on Tuesday, giving tenants suffering financial difficulties due to a pandemic more time to pay overdue rent.

Currently, the number of residents is until July, but 282 people are until February 28, 2022 under the Senate bill. The bill passes the House of Representatives with a vote of 39-17 and is passed to the governor.

The bill prohibits reporting to consumer credit institutions and deducts rent from consideration when filing future rental applications, due to the long-term consequences of not paying on time. Protect. The bill also prohibits potential landlords from selecting applicants based on COVID-era peasant evictions, preventing pandemic peasant evictions from appearing in tenant records.

In addition, the bill eases occupancy restrictions as legislators state that some Oregon residents need to be with friends and family due to economic or safe conditions during a pandemic. To do. However, the bill does not extend the current moratorium on peasant eviction beyond June 30, nor does it allow backrent.

In March, more than 17%, or nearly 158,000 Oregon renters who responded to the survey, said they weren’t keeping up with rent payments, according to the latest US Census Bureau household pulse survey.

Eleven percent of Oregon renters who responded to the survey said they weren’t confident they could pay their rent next month.

Opponents of the bill argue that the measure has hurt the landlord and is a “band-aid solution” for tenants.

“Yes, we all agree that we need more affordable homes, but putting this responsibility behind the private sector is not the solution,” said Oregon’s rental property owner. Valthorpe writes in the testimony of the bill. “The landlords are the backbone of affordable rental units and they also need help.”

During the special session in December, lawmakers set up a $ 200 million relief fund for landlords and tenants, most of which was reserved for tenants.

Lawmakers also point out that Oregon will receive $ 100 million from the Federal Leasing Assistance Fund approved at the end of last year and more than $ 200 million from President Joe Biden’s pandemic recovery program. I will.

Housing remained a top priority during the legislative session, which submitted a bill focusing on 17 homes in March. This includes $ 535 million in new state investment to increase affordable homes, address the homeless, and help homeowners.

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Oregon lawmakers extend grace period for past-due rent Source link Oregon lawmakers extend grace period for past-due rent

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