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Portland, Oregon 2021-09-25 21:25:07 –

Session postponed until 9am on Monday

File – Thursday, June 10, 2021, File Photo, The Oregon House of Representatives is preparing to hold an evening session at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem, Oregon. Reading and writing has been praised by supporters as a way to rethink education standards and has been sharply criticized by others as a false effort to undermine children’s learning in the long run. (AP Photo / Andrew Selsky, file)

Salem, Oregon (AP) —Oregon lawmakers spent hours in a retention pattern on a map proposed to redraw the district of the state legislature, despite the impending deadline. The majority Democrats wanted to pass a new constituency change map, including a new sixth US House of Representatives seat, by Monday.

However, few Republicans appeared on Saturday and left the House of Representatives without enough members to vote. Republicans are angry that the Democratic chair has withdrawn the arrangement she made with them to split power in the process of changing constituencies.

Immediately after 6 pm on Saturday, Speaker of the House Tinaco Tech postponed the session until 9 am on Monday. “If Republicans don’t show up to work by 9:30 am, the session will end,” her office told KOIN 6 News.

If not, a committee of five retired judges will redraw the parliamentary district, and the Democratic Secretary of State will redraw the legislative district.

KOIN6 News contributed to this report

Oregon lawmakers spend hours stalled over redistricting Source link Oregon lawmakers spend hours stalled over redistricting

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