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Wildfires blasting western Draw state provide assistance

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Firefighters in New Mexico pass a herd of cows on Friday, July 23, 2021 toward the northwestern tip of Bootleg Fire near Paisley, Oregon. (AP Photo / Nathan Howard)

Bry, Oregon (AP) —Out-of-state crew headed to Montana on Saturday to fight the flames that injured five firefighters. The western United States suffered from a series of fires that devastated rural land and destroyed homes.

According to fire authorities, the largest fire in the United States, the Bootleg Fire in Oregon, was underway, but less than half were contained. Although the spread of the vast fire slowed down, increased fire activity was expected on Saturday, leaving thousands of homes threatened to the east, officials said.

“The fire is resistant to outages on the bulldozer line,” fire behavior analyst Jim Hanson said in a news release from the Oregon Department of Forestry on Saturday. “The extremely dry weather and fuel we are experiencing requires firefighters to constantly reassess their control lines and look for emergency options.”

An overview of major wildfires in Oregon. Listed by start date.

Elbow Creek Fire
Report on July 15
20,810 acres, 25% containment
Info: Elbow Creek Fire

Bruler Fire
Started on July 12, unknown cause
195 acres, 25% included
Estimated containment: July 24
Information about Bruler Fire

Grand View Fire
Started on July 11, unknown cause
Contains 6,032 acres, 95%
Info: Grandview Fire

Bootleg Fire
Lightning from July 6th
401,601 acres, 42% containment
Area includes merged bootlegs and logfire
Evacuation efforts are changing rapidly, officials said.
Provides the latest evacuation information

and An interactive map of the lake and Klamath County.
Info: Bootleg Fire

Started on July 5, unknown cause
19,956 acres, 56% containment
Info: Jackfire

In California, Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency in four northern counties on Friday after a wildfire stated that it “has an extreme danger to the safety of people and property.” Proclamation paves the way for more state support.

On Saturday, firefighters from California and Utah headed for Montana, Governor Greg Gianforte announced. On Thursday, five firefighters were injured when a swirling wind blew them back as they were working on a fire in a devil’s cove burning in rough, steep terrain near a rural town in Jordan. did.

They remained hospitalized on Friday. Land management spokesman Mark Jacobsen refused to reveal the extent of their injuries, and an attempt to find out their condition on Saturday was unsuccessful. Three of the firefighters are crew members of the US Department of Fish and Wildlife in North Dakota, and the other two are firefighters of the US Forest Office in New Mexico.

In California, a Tamarack fire south of Lake Tahoe continued to threaten the community by burning timber and chaparrals on either side of the California-Nevada border. A lightning fire in Alpine County on July 4 destroyed at least 10 buildings.

In Butte County, California, the Dixie fire continued to burn in rugged remote areas, hindering firefighters’ efforts to contain the eastern flames, making it the state’s largest wildfire so far this year.

Large amounts of smoke from both large fires reduce visibility and sometimes aircraft land on the ground to assist the fire brigade. The air quality that crosses the southern and state borders of Lake Tahoe into Nevada has deteriorated to very unhealthy levels.

In north-central Washington, firefighters fought two flames in Okanogan County, threatening hundreds of homes and again causing dangerous air quality conditions on Saturday. And in northern Idaho, east of Spokane, Washington, a small fire near the Silverwood theme park prompted evacuation in and around the park on Friday night. The theme park was reopened on Saturday and half of the fire was contained.

The hot, windy afternoon weather continued to threaten the spread of flames, but weekend forecasts could have scattered thunderstorms in California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and other states. However, forecasters said some could be dry thunderstorms, with little rain, but a lot of lightning, which could cause new flames.

Over 85 large wildfires have burned across the country, most of them in western states, burning over 1.4 million acres (2,135 square miles).

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