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Wichita, Kansas 2021-05-27 19:14:16 –

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – “Stand Up 4 Life” is a Kansas organization that seeks to end the gun violence of young people in the state. Founded in 2017 by two parents who lost their children in a meaningless shooting. They are now trying to avoid the pain that other families have endured.

“Many people don’t care about violence until it’s in front of them,” said Danette Elkins, co-founder of Stand Up 4 Life.

Elkins was shot in 2014 and lost his son. As part of the group’s goals, she cites providing sad families with resources to help them cope with their feelings of loss.

“We are united to protect our babies and spread gun violence, to protect our families,” says Elkins.

The two founders are pioneering this issue by talking to children about gun violence, gang violence, bullying and mental health.

“We have influenced the youth community,” said Mike Jackson, a member of Stand Up 4 Life.

“They trust us and talk to us. We don’t value them, don’t look down on them, and love where they are,” Elkins said.

Villages may be needed to make a difference, but Elkins says many people around the community are willing to help. “What we’re doing is changing one life at a time, and that’s the only way we can reach the right number of people,” said Sunny Smith, founder of the Royère Foundation.

The group plans to hold a camp for junior high and high school students this summer.

For more information on “Stand Up 4 Life” click here.

Organization hopes to end youth gun violence in Kansas Source link Organization hopes to end youth gun violence in Kansas

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