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Orlando Magic still establishes their identity and the type of team they want to be.

It’s certainly partly an attitude. They challenge and want to meet them. They want to play with the versatility that everyone can work together and everyone can do what other players are doing on the floor.

And when the clock is ticking, someone has to play. Magic wants Berlining play, but it needs someone to play victorious.

They missed a few chances to take the lead, and after Magic was floating, they got the one-stop they needed. However, time was ticking as Garrison Mathews missed the last three pointers.

Robin Lopez surrounded the rebound and fired the ball at Jeff Doutin. The crowd rose and crescendo in anticipation of this de or die play for victory. Even in the pre-season games, everything felt incredibly normal.

Doutin showed how good he was in paint in the Summer League And he was willing to enter. He was cut off and was looking for a quick exit to the open shooter. No one was there, and with one second left, Doutin knew he had to shoot.

His fiercely contested fade away jumper found behind the net with 0.2 seconds remaining. Magic won the first pre-season victory 103-102 and sent everyone home happily.

Orlando Magic confronted the challenge offered by the Boston Celtics when Jeff Dowtin’s game winner gave the team a victory in their last pre-season game.

Magic faced their challenge and played a lot to win. The lesson learned from the last game before the Magic season was the ability of the team to adjust and play on the fly.

Play like Mohamed Bamba Switch to Romeo Langford and devour a layup attempt.or Wendell Carter Get food and dunk in Bruno Fernando.or Franz Wagner I sent a backdoor pass to Terrence Ross, who twisted in the air and finished the layup.

I noticed that Magic needed to be well tuned and sometimes stuck But when they understood things, this team maintained it and through it maintained their self-confidence.

This is the attitude Magic wants. This physical and confident attitude will ultimately play a big role. Those who stick to it and sometimes stick out their chests.

Now that the preseason is over, Doutin, who is probably heading to Lakeland, got an ice bath from his teammates after the match. Everyone was really happy with their teammates, regardless of their roster status. That’s how close and tied this team is.

And after a few weeks of hard work, they got one reward for their efforts before the start of the regular season grind.

Player performance

Mohamed Bamba: A-

The biggest point from the preseason is the resurrection of Mohamed Bamba... He was a true revelation and regained much of what people thought he could do when drafted in the 2018 NBA Draft. Bamba goes around and surrounds the player, not blocking shots and blocking all shots on the rim, even if they generally remain active.

Bamba scored 10 points with a 3 to 7 shot, adding 5 rebounds and 5 blocks to the tally. His shot didn’t work – he was sometimes a little too calm due to the turnaround jumper over the set defense — but he was very defensively active. The only complaint was how he sometimes took himself out of position due to a rebound. But Bamba is now growing in all the right directions.

Wendell Carter: A-

Given how good Mohamed Bamba is playing, it may be easy to slip him into the starting point and put it in Sharpy. But Wendell Carter is playing the same throughout the preseason. And he has honestly worked on playing the power forward position really effectively. Maybe he shouldn’t be defending Jayson Tatum in the world (he was sitting this), but he can hold himself.

Carter once again set a solid statistic: 13 points, 9 rebounds, 4 to 7 shots. He confidently fired the ball across the floor and dug up a lot of rebounds. He played really well at 4 against the big Boston Celtics lineup. He had five turnovers, which was the only bad thing anyone could say about him this evening.

Franz Wagner: B

Franz Wagner has also struggled with his shots and his count statistics for much of the preseason. It’s easy to overlook him — he had only 7 points on a 3 to 8 shot. And to be honest, if I was looking at him even if I wasn’t at Amway Center, I might have been. But Jamal Mosley and his teammates are right, Franz Wagner does many things that don’t show up in the box score..

Wagner is a great cutter and opens up space for others, even if you’re not getting a pass. He is a really skilled passerby when given the opportunity to find a man with a cutoff. He is a really good defender and is always in the right position. He may be a little too enthusiastic at times, but he can put darts in the overtaking lane and wing length is a big advantage for the team. This is especially true when it falls into the 2-3 zone in the second quarter.

Wagner is doing something really great. The rookie needs a chance to settle down, and Magic needs to do a better job of putting him in position to harness his skills.

RJ Hampton: B +

RJ Hampton I still feel like he’s stuck in his neck. And the fact is that he is doing his best. But even at that speed, you can see the sparkle of control in his eyes. During the transition, he can stay home and find an open space to get to the basket. Give him that little window, and he will go through it and reach the basket.

Hampton scored the highest 20 points in the game and also scored eight rebounds. His three-pointer has been significantly improved, so he created two of the five three-point shots. And his patience and ability to reach the foul line are much better. Hampton is really finding his own pace now.

Boston Celtics: B +

Orlando Magic should feel really good about winning. Yes, Jayson Tatum, Dennis Schröder and Marcus Smart didn’t play. And yes, Jaylen Brown and Al Horford were also withheld in the Health and Safety Protocol. But the Celtics played a really strong match. They played with energy and continued to come to Magic to find a way to overcome their pressure through the game.

Boston eventually shot 42.9% off the floor and struggled deep throughout the game. They did a good job of turning the magic over and converting it into points. Boston was in control of the whole game, but couldn’t really get rid of Orlando. Still, for the team’s deep bench players, Boston had a show that was just as encouraging for them.

Magic finishes the preseason 1-3. They will then face the San Antonio Spurs for the NBA’s 2022 season opening night in San Antonio on Wednesday.

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