Orphaned fawns overwhelm Green Country animal rescue: ‘Leave fawns alone’ – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma 2021-06-11 19:15:06 –

Claremore, Oklahoma — Orphan fawns overwhelm green country animal rescue.

Some deer lose their mother in a tragic accident. Others take the fawn, believing they are injured otherwise, and are separated.

Claremore’s Wild Heart Ranch fawn nursery attendees are 17 years old and are on the rise.

“My legs aren’t broken. I’m not dislocated. That’s good news,” Annette King said, looking at her 18th intake.

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The new addition came from Collinsville. Discovered by George Williams in a tomato cage on Friday afternoon.

“I was moving some tomato cages out of the way,” he said. “I happened to look down and saw this little companion sitting there. I thought,” Well, cute, “and the dawn dawned. That’s true! We see them always walking back there. Then I saw the baby and thought, “We needed to get help with it.”

In this case, an emergency has occurred. Most others are not.

“Our goal is to get what we need, not to receive what we don’t need, and to ensure that our baby is returned to our mother,” King said.

Wild Heart Lunch is called daily by people who report what looks like an abandoned deer.

“If you take all the fawns called, you’ll be close to 100,” King said.

One clue to note is that your ears are rounded.

“If your ears are crooked like a wilting flower, it means you’re dehydrated and something may have happened to your mother,” said Asgeir Berge, a volunteer at Wild Heart Ranch. I will.

Another sign of danger is a cluster of mites around the eyes. It can mean blindness.

“We will get a fawn with tens of thousands of ticks,” King said. “That’s really bad.”

Wild Heart will continue to receive deer calls until August. They spend thousands of dollars on care and work hard not to accept anything that doesn’t need help.

“If the fawn looks healthy and otherwise the ears are nicely pointed, they don’t have to do it unless there is an obvious dead mother. They just have to leave and leave the fawn alone, yes. Then the mom would demand her baby, “King said.

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Orphaned fawns overwhelm Green Country animal rescue: ‘Leave fawns alone’ Source link Orphaned fawns overwhelm Green Country animal rescue: ‘Leave fawns alone’

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