OSHA publishes Covid Occupational Safety Regulations, but only for healthcare

OSHA during the Trump administration Adopt policy Significantly limit Covid-related testing to a few high-risk industries such as healthcare and emergency response. Meat packaging was not included — The study shown In this high-risk group, it was the leading cause of viral infections.

Some worker groups Credited OSHA Under President Donald J. Trump, he has enforced safety regulations in the medical industry, including proposing fines of over $ 1 million for violations in dozens of medical and nursing homes.But Critics blame Institutions that have largely failed to refine meat processors due to loose safety standards, such as the inability to properly distance workers.

Walsh said the reduction in cases and the increase in vaccination rates reduced the risk to most non-medical workers.He also showed it Guidance by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last month Advising vaccinated people that they generally do not need to wear masks indoors influenced OSHA’s decision to abandon the broader Covid-19 standard.

“OSHA has adjusted rules that reflect the reality of the field, the success of vaccine efforts, as well as the latest guidance from the CDC and changes in the nature of the pandemic,” Walsh said on the phone.

David Michaels, head of OSHA during the Obama administration, said the CDC guidance made it more difficult to enact broader OSHA rules. “To justify the urgent standards, OSHA must show that there is a significant risk,” said Dr. Michaels. “For that to happen, the CDC would have had to clarify its recommendations and say that there remains a significant danger to many workers.”

Without such clarification, Dr. Michaels, now a professor of public health at George Washington University, said the employer group probably challenged the new OSHA rules in court and the CDC guidance showed that the rules were unnecessary. Insisted.

Dr. Michaels said the new standard is a postponed step, but it’s a shame that Covid-specific standards weren’t issued to industries such as meat packaging, orthodontics, and retail. “If exposures are not controlled in these workplaces, they will continue to be important drivers of infection,” he said.

OSHA publishes Covid Occupational Safety Regulations, but only for healthcare

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