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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-11-25 13:35:32 –

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Backeye candy and Michigan cherry products are gaining popularity in a friendly bet between the Governor of Ohio and the Governor of Michigan prior to the match between Columbus, Ohio (AP) and the Flagship University on Saturday.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer challenged Dewine on Twitter on Wednesday, saying:

“I heard there’s a pretty good soccer match in town this weekend. What do you think is a friendly bet?”

DeWine replied that he and his wife Fran would bet Schmidts cream puffs, Graeters black raspberry chip ice cream, Malley’s chocolate-covered pretzels, and Marsha’s Buckeyes back-eye candies.

Whitmer bet a gift package of the famous Michigan cherry sweets and sweets from Glen Arbor’s Cherry Republic.

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