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The break between the spring and summer semesters is from May 16th to 22nd. There will be no classes during the break, but the campus will continue to operate normally, adjusting the time zone of certain buildings on campus.

A parking permit will be required and the shuttle route will be changed.

These adjustments Summer semester..

Parking information and shuttle schedule


Starting Monday, May 16th, parking with a valid permit will be valid in the summer and vehicles with a valid UNO permit can be parked in a parcel on the ground or in a general-purpose space in the garage.

Restrictions continue to apply to the excluded areas: Reserved, ADA, Motorcycles, Visitors, Carpools, Electric Vehicle Charging Spaces, Paid Parking (Lot A, C, and Lot M 7 Designated Parcels) ), Passage, Fire Lane.

Summer limited parking permit Available at MavPARK..


Starting Monday, May 16th, shuttle service will be reduced to the orange and purple floater routes between Scott Crossing and the Chris Library. Both operate from 7 am to 7 pm.

Other ways to go to campus

Explore Many different ways to get to the campusIncludes how to use MavCARD for non-contact, free access on the ORBT bus.


Please contact us Parking and transit services If you have questions at 402.554.7275 or

Building opening hours

Other time

Adjustments will be made Campus food options..

Health reminder

Use the Nebraska Medical UNO Health Center

Students, faculty and staff, staff Services at Nebraska Medical UNO Health CenterLocated in the Health and Kinematics Building (HK) on UNO’s Dodge Campus.

If you have any questions about registration, contract status, services or access under the UNO Student Insurance Plan, please contact the Center during normal business hours. 402.554.2374..

Connect, be careful, get help

One of the most courageous things you can do when you are stressed or anxious is to ask for help.Take advantage of our available resources UNO Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Website.. From there, you’ll see information about scheduling appointments with trained counselors.

Academic Resource Center and UNO Library

Do you want to take a summer class? The summer semester is a great opportunity to schedule an appointment with one of UNO’s many academic resource centers. Whether it helps with paper, speech, or math problems-our team of faculty and staff will cover you.You can also visit UNO libraryAccess great resources face-to-face or online.

Academic and Career Development Center

The UNO Academic Career Development Center (ACDC) promotes academic and career success and career development by using resources and services for academic and career exploration.

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Campus test service

The Inspection agency We provide high-quality testing services to UNO students, faculty, staff, and the metropolitan Omaha area, providing outstanding customer service in a secure environment that supports academic success.

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Mathematics-Science Learning Center

The Mathematics-Science Learning Center (MSLC) is a place where UNO students can find the support they need to overcome their academic challenges in mathematics and science. Model students act as tutors, supplementary mentor leaders, and facilitators of research groups trained to assist peers in achieving academic success. The MSLC has a conference alcove, a study / tutoring space, a tutorial computer, and spare study materials. We also offer academic counseling for students who want to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their overall learning.

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Speech center

The Speech center We provide customized, personalized support to help students, faculty, and staff create, improve, practice, and enhance their overall skills as presentations and speakers. Whether you are new to writing or presenting effective speeches or an experienced speaker, the Speech Center consultants provide resources to help you achieve greater success.

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Writing center

The Of the writing center Its main mission is to provide a place for writers to discuss their projects with each other. Appointments with trained writing consultants are available, during which we answer questions, provide feedback and guide you through all stages of the writing process, from brainstorming to final editing.

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UNO library

The UNO Library provides excellent on-campus and online learning resources.

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