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Our view: More blue tarpaulins, but still with big holes in the roof, life from a hurricane | Our view – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2020-10-17 07:00:00 –

Tarpaulins were delivered to the Catholic Charities warehouse in Acadiana this week, allowing 250 Louisiana families to protect their rooftops. That is the beginning.

Tarpaulins were sent from New York and Rhode Island at the request of Acadiana’s goodwill. Acadiana has built a network with colleagues across the country — Pronto. Sometimes it’s good. The Louisiana coast lacks tarpaulins, the victims of Hurricane Laura on August 27 and Hurricane Delta last Friday. There is also a shortage of shingles on the roof. There are so many hurricanes, the roof is ragged and there is very little material. Recovery does not come early.

What is not lacking is damage. Lake Charles was hit twice by a hurricane within six weeks. In Cameron Parish, there was already a shortage of humans on the ground from Hurricane Laura. In Acadia, Vermilion, the Parish of St. Landry, or in a settlement or town in northeastern Louisiana.

The trouble for Louisiana is that the Louisiana people may not be well equipped to cope with this latest natural blow. Some spent what they had on the devastation of Laura. Ben Broussard, a spokesman for Acadiana’s Catholic Charities, said agencies and others are once again reaching out to protect the victims and unequipped people. That is, the elderly or disabled, those who are poorly or uninsured, or who have no family or friends.

Mr Brusard said recent aid is as valuable as it comes from the northeastern states. The suffering poor of Louisiana must be more dependent on the Louisianas who live outside the stormy momentum, or the former Louisianas who have established new lives in Dallas and Houston. And Atlanta. He said that Louisiana often comes in help from those who lived here and who experienced our culture.

“We are good people,” he said. “Who doesn’t want to reach out and help good people?”

But is that enough? According to Brother, the news account about Hurricane Laura continued to be the top biller in national news for several days. The news about Hurricane Delta disappeared sooner. He said Louisiana won the top bill in national news the day after Delta and almost the top bill the next day, but by Monday it was gone. Southwestern Louisiana has been badly damaged, but it’s not the most important thing for anyone living elsewhere.

This means that the Louisiana people have to rely on themselves, not others, for recovery. Help from the outside world, such as from Hurricane Katrina, Rita, and even Laura, is not as much as we need.

But if the people of New York and Rhode Island can help, so should the people of Louisiana. Louisiana citizens should take up the cause of encouraging donations, volunteer work, and disappointment to help their affected neighbors. That makes us good people who deserve help.

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