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New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-09-11 05:00:00 –

Are you back where you started?

In New York and Washington, DC, what could only be a solemn anniversary of the day the terrorists struck the American symbol is inevitably overshadowed by the scuttle from Kabul Airport.

The Americans and Afghanistan again suffered great casualties from the suicide bombers and their co-conspirators, but the people tried to escape the Taliban’s victory, yes, the victory in the poor and dawning Afghan country.

Twenty years ago, today’s terrorist hijacking nurseries are once again dominated by the Taliban, a belief-clad thug. Horrible consequences now extend to those who helped US troops and diplomats in their actions against international terrorism, and those who helped our allies, the British and Germans, the Japanese and Australians, and many others. Will do.

The fact that the FBI’s most wanted terrorist, Shirajudin Haqqani, has become a powerful official in Kabul speaks for itself. The government is said to be temporary. We expect a man very skilled in murder to retain power in the Taliban government.

What happens next develops. The United States and its allies do not want Afghanistan to be a terrorist shelter, as it was from 1996 to 2001. By Pakistani Navy SEALs.

The Western World, with its many NATO allies, united in 2001 at the World Trade Center in New York against terrorists who killed not only Americans but also citizens of many countries.

Today, the Taliban’s victory-yes, victory-brings new challenges and old misery to the good people of Afghanistan. Two US presidents, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, seem to have washed their hands on the formal war action forced on us in 2001.

So are we back to where we started? Impossible.

Thousands of families devastated when the Twin Towers collapsed in Manhattan are today’s focus. They haven’t forgotten.

Police and fire departments across the United States today celebrate the courage and dedication of fellow races to the scene in Manhattan and the Pentagon. Many have made the ultimate sacrifice in New York. The FDNY crossed our borders and talked to Americans and our friends. They haven’t forgotten.

Civilians on Flight 93 were killed in an attempt to retrieve a passenger plane from a terrorist. Their compatriots have not forgotten those heroes.

From the day the hijacked airliner struck the Pentagon, the US military responded with courage and determination. In the forbidden landscape of Afghanistan, out of nowhere, young Americans died fighting our friends from NATO countries and other allies. Some have died in the war that began in early childhood. Many are now home, but they haven’t forgotten.

Ordinary Americans from all over the country and around the world lined up to shed blood and donate money. People from places like Louisiana donated fire trucks to New York to make up for the loss. National unity was achieved from evil. Everyone wanted to help. They haven’t forgotten.

Or, at least, I hope I don’t.

The political and diplomatic operations that will be triggered by the unfortunate Afghanistan-activated terrorist “government” are unpredictable. What is unforgettable is why we were there and why we have to be vigilant. Due to the memories of September 11, 2001 and its aftermath, we haven’t returned to where we started.

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Our Views: Because we remember, we must be on our guard, especially after Kabul | Our Views Source link Our Views: Because we remember, we must be on our guard, especially after Kabul | Our Views

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