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Our Views: National Democrats have us laughing because they don’t know Louisiana | Our Views – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-04-08 05:00:00 –

Marketing has been part of the game since political parties circulated. States parties promote their achievements and promote their vision. They pierce the debate and point out the differences as a way to gain support. They use newspaper advertisements, radio and television commercials. Recently, I also use digital media and social media. Sometimes they use signs.

After President Joe Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion “rescue” plan was passed by Congress, the Democratic National Committee paid a $ 1,400 stimulus to many Americans and significantly distributed the COVID-19 vaccine. I was anxious to admit a big increase. The Democratic Party has determined that success is big enough to bring it to market. In a campaign-like blitzkrieg, the party launched a series of radio ads, targeting the 20 states on the billboard, reminding those who did and those who didn’t.

In Wisconsin, the sign says “Help is here,” “$ 1,400 check,” “shot a weapon,” and “to Senator Ron Johnson, who voted against it, next to the Wisconsin photo.” There are no pictures of Biden containing the words “I don’t thank you.” US Senator. Some of the Miami and Tampa signs have criticized US Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott for opposition to a pandemic-focused bailout economic bailout law. Another Spanish sign in Miami targets Congressman Maria Salazar, who voted against the bill in the House of Representatives before going to the Senate.

In Kenner, DNC has placed one of the “Help is here” sign at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport on Jerome S. Glazer Airport Access Road. “The people of New Orleans and the senators returning home will not miss this message,” wrote Jamie Harrison, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, with delight in a prepared statement.

Not so fast, Chairman Harrison.

Democrats didn’t do their homework.

The sign was placed on the access road near the terminal, which was closed in November 2019. As a result, not all drivers that Democrats wanted to see the message will see it. Most drivers take the Loyola Avenue exit, just west of the old airport access road. Our two senators, Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy, both vote “against” the bill, but they look for it, especially because the route from Baton Rouge and Madisonville doesn’t work. You won’t see the board unless you go to. Do them that way.

Political gamemanship can be interesting, especially if the message is intentionally humorous. It may be funny and laughable that they disagree. In this case, we are laughing at Democrats, but not their message.

Kenner’s sign shows what Democrats Beltway should learn. If you don’t know Louisiana, you need to contact locals who know something about the state. If so, maybe we should find smarter democratic friends.

Our Views: National Democrats have us laughing because they don’t know Louisiana | Our Views Source link Our Views: National Democrats have us laughing because they don’t know Louisiana | Our Views

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