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Our Views: Orgeron era is a mixed bag, let’s expect more from his successor | Our Views – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-10-19 05:00:00 –

The long-running farewell risk to Ed Orgeron is that he may win one or two big matches from now until the end of the season, and LSU followers may crave his expulsion. .. Well, hold your tears.

Olgeron’s tenure maintained high and low scores on the football field — after all, the nearly five-year 49-17 in the rugged western SEC is not shabby — but the athletic club’s record on the Title IX issue is It was weak. There is a big difference between losing a football game and failing the Title IX problem. Even if you lose the match at Tiger Stadium on Saturday, you will feel better on Sunday morning. If women with well-documented complaints related to football programs fail, they have that pain anytime, anywhere.

Orgelon’s failure has nothing to do with X and O, but with good and evil. A woman who complains about rape, beatings, humiliation, and corruption in the hands of a male LSU athlete needs to get the attention of everyone in a prestigious position on campus. This is not always the case.

Orgelon isn’t the only one who has failed an LSU woman in the last five years, but he’s certainly one of them. Given the top football position in campus athletics, he should have been able to demonstrate moral leadership in the Title IX issue. He didn’t.

He may have helped change the campus culture that women can expect to hear when they report rape, domestic violence, and other humiliating behavior in their encounters with soccer players. He may have led the players to become better men. Too often, he missed those opportunities.

At Louisiana, we always remember the glory of the 2019 season. A good recruiter and often a talented coach, Olgeron has had a lot to do with the formation of the best college team ever. LSU’s great Joe Burrow especially regrets the change in leadership.

But I also remember Gloria Scott, a 70-something guard at Superdome who endured the humiliating behavior of LSU star Delius Gis in 2017. At first he refused to talk to her and then refused to testify about the case. The attraction when Orgelon was hired was that he was a commoner in Louisiana and was good for most people. His accent alone made him loved by the masses.

However, in the face of miserable abuse of women in Louisiana in general by his star player, he became a coward.

Don’t cry for Ed Orgeron. The $ 17 million parachute LSU is giving him will land him very gently elsewhere.

However, LSU should keep this expensive lesson in mind since the time of Orgelon. The team represents the university — it is not an independent entity — and should reflect the most noble intent of what public campuses offer to people on campus and around Louisiana. The next coach understands that and Louisiana needs to be the type of man he needs.

Our Views: Orgeron era is a mixed bag, let’s expect more from his successor | Our Views Source link Our Views: Orgeron era is a mixed bag, let’s expect more from his successor | Our Views

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