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New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-01-13 07:00:00 –

After all the dramas of the last four years, we need change. Continuing the impeachment movement during President Donald Trump’s final term is another dramatic gesture that the country does not need.

Is humiliation not enough for punishment?

For many Democrats in Congress and many Republicans threatened by parliamentary mobs, there is a strong sense of duty to act even if the Trump administration ends by law at noon on January 20.

We do not agree that last week’s riots were stimulated and stimulated by Trump, or that he was ashamed of himself and his office by his actions.

But we also do not believe that Trump’s four-year opera political debate will benefit the country.

The Democratic-led house wants the Vice President and ministers to implement the 25th Amendment, a complex process of dismissing a disabled president. With the goal of dealing with situations like Woodrow Wilson, who suffered a stroke a century ago, the correction process will almost take the inauguration anyway.

Theoretically, impeachment could continue beyond that day, but will the country show it a compelling interest when the new administration is inaugurated?

Ironically, the current president has made many criticisms of fraudulent voting, but with little or no evidence to support them. As good lawyers except former Mayor Rudy Giuliani of New York say, fraudulent voting is notorious for being difficult to prove in court.

As long as the impeachment leads to a trial, the incitement to riots as a legal accusation is also highly controversial. The president’s remarks were a complete incitement to violence for us, but the president and his cohort did not personally push down the barricades or kill police officers in the Capitol.

Joe Biden in the presidential election is right. He avoided the impeachment issue by saying it was a parliamentary decision, but said the dismissal was not so urgent if Trump had a very long number of days.

There aren’t six more months of men in the Oval Office. And if Biden doesn’t skillfully dismiss the fire eaters in his party, he thinks his inauguration will probably be involved in the January 6 accusations.

The horror of last Wednesday cannot be forgotten or minimized, but America needs to turn pages. Even if the president deserves the contempt of the people, it is not provided by the impeachment of the president on his return.

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Our Views: Time for Trump term to end, but quietly | Our Views Source link Our Views: Time for Trump term to end, but quietly | Our Views

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