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Oakland Unified School District Celebrate Seth Evans – Madison Park Academy Becomes 8th Grade and National Olympic Weightlifting Champion

Auckland – Auckland junior high school students are known for studying hard, playing with friends, playing video games, and playing sports such as basketball and soccer. But now there is one junior high school student who is also known as the national champion. 13-year-old Seth Evans is an Olympic weightlifting US champion in his age group under the age of 13. “I won the snatch, the clean and jerk, and the overall medal,” he said.

Seth Evans won the “Snatch” Weightlifting Event at the 2021 USA Weightlifting Youth Nationals.

“He won not only in a dominant way, but in a dominant way,” said Mike Jenkins, Seth coach and owner of the SPS gym. “The weightlifting mechanism is that everyone has three snatches and three clean and jerks. His weight was so heavy that everyone completed all the lifts and Seth was the other. I went out after everyone and did all the lifts. So it was pretty noisy. Who the hell is this kid? And after all, he’s literally the strongest 13-year-old here in the country. I’m from Auckland. “

Seth is a straight A student, an eighth grader at Madison Park Academy, who happened to start weightlifting two years ago at the age of eleven. He was training in more common childhood sports such as soccer and trucks and was hooked on this sport when he saw the SPS gym near Highway 880. “I’m trying to see if I’m infinite. If there are certain limits, will I stop if I achieve them? Of course I don’t want to stop … I want to be infinite I am thinking.”

Another man, Jenkins and Olympic coach and principal medalist, saw something very different in Seth. “(The coach) told me, I’ve never seen anything like this. He said,” This kid is very special. “Repeat, the main thing is his focus. is. “

In the world of weightlifting, two different events are snatch and clean and jerk. “Snatch grabs the bar and moves it overhead,” Jenkins explained. “Clean and jerk, first hang the bar on your shoulders, then make a second overhead move. These two moves allow you to move much heavier weights.”

Seth prevailed in both events, lifting 66 kg or 145 pounds in snatch and 80 kg or 176 pounds in clean and jerk. “Traditionally, in Olympic weightlifting, your snatch is less than your clean and jerk,” Jenkins added (drawn with Seth). “Clean and jerk is a big lift. Seth’s snatch was bigger than all the other kids’ clean and jerk, so his light lift was bigger than everyone’s heavy lift.”

Seth coach and SPS gym owner Mike Jenkins
Seth coach and SPS gym owner Mike Jenkins

Seth’s father, Dion Evans, is also the athletic director of Madison Park Academy. “I know the national champion is sitting next to me and sleeping in my house, so it’s very humble to step into my house or get him in the car. Honestly. By the way, I’d like to say it’s a good gene for parents, but I don’t know. He has something. I think we’re still learning it ourselves. “

Evans not only believes that weightlifting is a great sport, but also adds that it helps the perfect transformation of young people who may be on the wrong path. “There are kids in this city. If you don’t come across the SPS gym right away, (KTVU criminal reporter) Henry Lee will talk about them … Seth is a unique kid, but not the only one in Oakland. You can do what he is doing. We just had to take those parents here to see what my kid was doing, and Mike’s program Will tell you the rest of the story. “

This story is also useful for girls. They are also training at the SPS Gym, and 11-year-old Annelisse Cabrera (pictured) from Auckland was the 2018 national champion.

Seth won the championship at the USA Weightlifting Youth Nationals in Detroit. USA Weightlifting is the single national organizing committee for Olympic weightlifting and the committee that sends athletes to the Olympics. The Tokyo Olympics will start in just over two weeks. Seth has a long way to go to reach that level, but he is already looking at historic international competition. “My next age group is 14 to 15 years old and I’m trying to get the podium in it. And keep trying and try to compete in the Olympics.”

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