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Riverside, CA — Authorities found a serious offender, who had been released on bail for weapons charges, in possession of loaded and hidden firearms and stimulants early Tuesday morning, June 1. He states he was arrested again.

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Murder investigation continues after a bullet-filled corpse is found on the riverside

$ 1.5 million bail on a Moreno Valley woman who killed a Winchester teen last week

Investigation continues after the body of an elderly woman was found near the stormwater drain in Menifie

Arrested in Jurpa Valley shooting, one brother killed, one seriously injured

After clearing the entire county for five days, 116 people were arrested and 10 firearms were found.

The Riverside Police Department then reported that two Riverside City police officers were patrolling the area around the university as “an ongoing effort to reduce gun violence,” Riverside PD reported.

Around 1 am, police found two people sitting in a car parked in front of a liquor store on Block 3300 on Iowa Avenue.

After contacting the car occupants, police learned that a 20-year-old driver from Riverside, Jacob Garcia Samora, was a member of a self-proclaimed gang and is currently on bail for weapons-related charges.

During a subsequent search for Samora’s car, police found a loaded pistol and methamphetamine.

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Based on their investigation, police arrested Samora, who was later detained in Riverside County Jail on suspicion of multiple weapons and drug violations. He was also booked for committing a felony on bail.

Due to the enhancement, Zamora’s bail has been set at $ 95,000. However, it was not immediately clear if he was still in custody.

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Out of jail on weapons charges, Riverside felon arrested on new weapons & drug charges – Riverside County News Source Source link Out of jail on weapons charges, Riverside felon arrested on new weapons & drug charges – Riverside County News Source

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