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Out of prison, former VB councilman, state delegate Ron Villanueva speaks only to 10 On Your Side – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia 2021-02-23 18:29:28 –

Virginia Beach, Virginia (WAVY) —A former Virginia General Assembly member is currently out of jail and is about to start a new life.

10 on Your Side has covered the story and beliefs of Ron Villanueva for several years.

Former Virginia Beach City Councilor and State Councilor Sent to jail in 2019 after pleading guilty to U.S. government fraud..He served for less than a year Due to COVID-19, currently released from prison..

Andy Fox of 10 On Your Side sat down and talked exclusively with Villanueva about the future. This is the only interview with Villanueva since she entered the federal court in Norfolk.

For Villanueva, this is the story of the redemption and the rise from the ashes after the fall.

“I think this experience makes me humble and I don’t think I have an ego,” he said.

“I had the hardest time because I was at the top of the game in politics and business, and now I’ve started over. I think it’s my new version — Ron V.2.0,” he said. Told. With a smile, he sat at Gary Byler’s law firm, where he found some steady work.

The federal government said Villanueva misunderstood the Small and Medium Business Administration and won a fraudulently awarded government contract.

“They pinged us about the contracts we had won in the past, and that’s how we got into trouble,” he said.

“Our business employed dozens of people. The government was never scammed and they got fair value, all the equipment and services. The government was never overkill. I wasn’t charged or overcharged. ”

Due to concerns about COVID-19 at the federal correctional facility Petersburg, Villanueva was sentenced to 30 months from 9 months of house arrest.

“It can be said that COVID-19 took me out of jail and came back with his family. I was lucky but met all the criteria set by the federal government,” he said. ..

While in Petersburg, Villanueva was a model prisoner and a “prison lawyer” who helped others get the GED.

The lowest point was the separation from his family.

“I mean your family is celebrating Christmas, and you are now in a cell with people who are your new family,” he said.

He currently leads the Virginia Coastal Chamber of Commerce and talks to listeners. He is responsible.

“It’s accountability, where we failed, how we move forward, and how we improve ourselves,” he said.

His group of friends, called the “village,” has family friends, including 40 to 50 children. They all know the story of Villanueva,

“Hey, you’re as powerful and popular as you like, but if you’re not careful, you can cause problems.”

This is what he says is important. “Looking into the eyes of others,’There is a better way. You need to be more careful. You need to believe in God more.” … I see myself like a phoenix. Because we know that comebacks are better than setbacks. ”

Out of prison, former VB councilman, state delegate Ron Villanueva speaks only to 10 On Your Side Source link Out of prison, former VB councilman, state delegate Ron Villanueva speaks only to 10 On Your Side

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