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Boise, Idaho (AP) —President Joe Biden points out near a burning wildfire in the west on Monday, insists on a $ 3.5 trillion reconstruction plan, and the country no longer ignores year-round fires and other extreme weather events. I called it the reality of climate change that I can’t do.

The president said that all the dollars spent on “resilience” would save $ 6 at future costs, with the aim of increasing support for his large-scale reconstruction program. He said he needed to not just restore the damaged system, but to make the community able to withstand the devastating weather that would not hit based on Partisan’s ideology.

“It’s not about the Democrats. It’s not about the Republicans. It’s a matter of weather,” he said. “It’s a reality. It’s serious and we can do this.”

The president’s two-day Western Swing has come at an important time for the central planning of his legislative agenda. Capitol Hill lawmakers are working to put together the details of the Infrastructure Plus plan and how to pay for it, as well as the Republicans. A major Democratic senator said on Sunday that he would not vote for such a large package.

The president announced his plea for climate change during a briefing at Boise’s National Inter-Ministry Fire Center, which coordinates the government’s wildfire response.

He said wildfires started early each year and burned 5.4 million acres this year. “It’s bigger than the whole state of New Jersey,” Biden said.

“In reality, there are global warming problems, serious global warming problems, which are consequential, and what happens is that things will not be undone,” he said.

Biden will stop in Idaho, California and Denver until Tuesday, stating that the increasing frequency of wildfires, droughts, floods and other extreme weather events will require billions of dollars to be invested in the fight against climate change. We aim to connect to. National social safety net.

The president insisted on spending now to make the future impacts of climate change cheaper, as he did during his recent stops in Louisiana, New York, and New Jersey. Ida.

Biden also praised firefighters at risk of life-threatening and wartime legislation to increase the supply of fire hoses from NewView Oklahoma, a nonprofit organization in Oklahoma City, a major supplier of the U.S. Forestry Department. Discussed recent use.

In the bright red Idaho, several opposition groups used Biden’s visit as a way to show resistance to Biden’s administration. Republican governor candidates, vaccine opposition groups, far-right groups and others have called on people to oppose the president.

More than 1,000 protesters did so and gathered in Boise before Biden arrived, complaining about the coronavirus program, elections and other issues.

“I’m against everything in Biden,” said 62-year-old Chris Barnes from Boise. Burns was particularly dissatisfied with Biden’s announcement last week that it would mandate a new vaccine for 100 million people. “He behaves like a dictator,” Burns said.

Biden is his first west trip in the office, primarily a visit aimed at strengthening support for a $ 3.5 trillion spending plan.

From Boise, the president flew to California to investigate the wildfire damage and talk more broadly about the federal response. He arrived in Long Beach on Tuesday at an election eve event with Governor Gavin Newsom of the Democratic Party of California, who is facing a recall vote.

Biden also planned to promote his economic agenda in Denver on Tuesday.

The White House turns a corner after a chaotic and violent US withdrawal from Afghanistan and a difficult month dominated by a surge of Delta COVID-19 variants that overturned what the president wanted. I’m trying. From the coronavirus.

Biden admitted that his votes had fallen in recent weeks, but claimed that his agenda was “overwhelmingly popular” with the general public. Instead of discussing him about the merits of his spending plan, he said he expected his Republican opponents to attack him.

In addition to Republican opposition in Congress, Biden needs to overcome the skepticism of two middle-class Democrats in a tightly divided Senate. Joe Manchin, West Virginia and Kyrsten Cinema, Arizona have expressed concern about the size of the $ 3.5 trillion spending package.

“We can’t support $ 3.5 trillion,” Manchin said on Sunday, citing a proposal to raise the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28% and opposition to the huge new social spending envisioned by the president. .. Manchin also complained about the process he said was in a hurry.

The 100-member Senate is evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans. Given the strong opposition of the Republicans, Biden’s plan cannot clear the Senate without the support of Manchin and Cinema.

Biden’s planned climate regulations include tax incentives for clean energy and electric vehicles, investment to shift the economy from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, and the creation of a private climate corps. included.

Biden’s stop in Idaho, which lost more than 30 percent last year, provided Biden with a bright red background to argue that investment in climate should be prioritized across party boundaries. In Idaho and California, we’ve seen wildfire seasons turn into tragedy all year round.

In June, the Biden administration launched a strategy to address the growing threat of wildfires. This includes hiring more federal firefighters and implementing new technologies to quickly detect and respond to fires. Last month, the president approved California’s disaster declaration and provided federal assistance to counties affected by the Dixie and River fires. Shortly before his visit on Monday, he announced another state disaster declaration targeting areas affected by the Caldor fire.


Superville reported from Washington. Contributed by Associated Press writers Rebecca Boon and Keith Riddler of Boise, and Armor Madani of Wilmington, Delaware.

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