Outbreak of new Covid in the White House

A group of postal service enthusiasts sang and danced on Saturday in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, to facilitate voting.

Sioux City, Iowa — Two farmers in Iowa, more than 100 miles apart, but only one year old, wept when talking about the presidential election — for completely different reasons.

Denny Gergen, a proponent of Trump, a grain, corn and soybean farmer in northwestern Iowa, sees how his way of life seems to be off and the only politics Trump really cares about. I suffocated thinking about what seemed to be a home.

“Trump is backing American farmers,” he recently voted for a passing driver to re-election the president with a big sign on his property, “Blessing American farmers and congratulating American farmers.” I posted it next to a sign that encouraged me to do so.

“Currently there are farmers. They have lost a lot of money and can’t continue. Mr. Gergen spoke at a motorcycle rally in Sioux City to assist Senator Joni Ernst of the Iowa Republican Party. “I’m a small family farmer trying to make it.”

Another farmer, Raymond Smith, became emotional, three hours’ drive away near the northern border of Iowa with Minnesota.

The 68-year-old Smith, whose family has owned a farm in the Buffalo Center for over 100 years, supports Biden and Democrats.

“We weren’t very wealthy when we were growing up,” Smith said, showing around his farm the businessman Theresa Greenfield, an opponent of the Democratic Party of Ernst. “But thanks to the Democratic program, I was able to go to college. When I think about how someone else put their money there to help me get started, I Suffocates, and now I feel it is my responsibility to pay as much as possible. “

Mr Smith said he likes and respects his neighbors who support Trump in less than 900 towns, but believes that “all of us are responsible for what we can do to make democracy work.” ..

“There are a lot of people in the neighborhood who disagree with me, but that hasn’t stopped me in the past,” he said.

Trump beat Iowa by a comfortable margin four years ago, but Biden slightly outperformed state Trump in a New York Times / University of Siena poll released Wednesday.

Iowa, a long-standing fierce battle state where voters are known for their political independence, has 90% white population and is the winner of the presidential election in six of the last seven elections, including Trump, Barack Obama, and George W. I voted for. Bush when he was seeking reelection.

Democrat Stephen Peterson, 59, who owns a greenhouse in Lake Mills, supports Biden, partly because he’s worried about the future of federal court if Trump wins the second term. He said he was.

“They loaded the court,” Peterson said, referring to Republicans and McConnell. “Not just the Supreme Court, but all the other courts. When President Obama took office, basically McConnell confirmed that we wouldn’t have a judge anywhere. He blocked everything. And The next Republican president will come and he will welcome 300 judges. It was unfair. I don’t think they should put justice now. I think they have to wait. “

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